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Oxford Journals: Law Archive


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Sammlung der Backfiles von 12 Zeitschriften des Verlages Oxford University Press aus dem Fachbereich Recht. Abgedeckt werden neben allgemeinen Rechtsfragen und internationalem Recht auch Spezialgebiete wie Umwelt- und Medizinrecht. Enthalten ist jeweils der gesamte Erscheinungsverlauf einer Zeitschrift vom 1. Jahrgang bis Ende 1995. Die Aufsätze werden im Volltext-PDF-Format vorgehalten, bibliograhische Metadaten und Abstracts liegen im HTML-Format vor. Berichtszeitraum: jeweils 1. Jahrgang-1995.

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Oxford University Press

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Oxford Journals is scanning older back issues of their journals so that they can be made available electronically. The issues are being compiled into subject-based archives (electronic backfiles) which are available for outright purchase or subscription. The archives contain the content of each journal from Volume 1, Issue 1 up until the end of 1995.

Our Law Archive comprises a wide-ranging of high quality journals. In addition to general titles in legal studies and international law, it includes a variety of specialized journals in subjects such as medical and environmental law.

Key features:

  • Full-text PDFs of each article with HTML headers and abstracts
  • Fully-integrated search facilities covering the archive and recent content
  • All images and graphics
  • Links to 'similar articles in this journal'
  • Available on subscription or one-off purchase
  • Fast retrieval of previously hard-to-find material
  • Enables users to track trends and explore the foundations of current knowledge
  • Provides the opportunity to fill gaps in collections
  • Saves valuable shelf space and staff time

Titles included in the Medicine Archive:

  • British Journal of Criminology
  • Industrial Law Journal
  • International and Comparative Law Quarterly
  • International Journal of Law and Information Technology
  • International Journal of Law, Policy and the Family
  • International Journal of Refugee Law
  • Journal of Conflict and Security Law
  • Journal of Environmental Law
  • Journal of Law, Economics, & Organization
  • Medical Law Review
  • Oxford Journal of Legal Studies
  • Statute Law Review

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