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English-Greek-English Golden Version


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Version 10

Panagiotis Tsampounaras


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Zweisprachiges englisch-griechisches/griechisch-englisches allgemeinsprachliches Wörterbuch mit insgesamt rund 395.000 Stichwörtern.

English-Greek-English Golden Version

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MAGENTA's large "English-Greek & Greek-English" titled "GOLDEN VERSION" for computers running Windows. The most complete dictionary in terms of the number of entries as well as the features of Dictionaries Explorer, the software that comes with the dictionary.


English-Greek & Greek-English GOLDEN VERSION dictionary uses Dictionaries Explorer II, the new interface by Magenta which sets new standards in its league. Its features as described here also apply to this dictionary.

What has changed in version 2006?

  • Major improvements on Dictionaries Explorer software
  • Corrections and addition of new topics.
  • Added all forms of irregular verbs and plurals.
  • A new extension for Internet Explorer is included supporting word translation directly from web pages.

What has changed in version 10?

  • Major improvements on Dictionaries Explorer software.
  • Corrections and addition of new topics.
  • Added a large number of new topics, more than 15.000.
  • It is Windows 7 compatible on all levels (text to speech, Internet Explorer Extension and other).


English-Greek & Greek-English GOLDEN VERSION dictionary provide extended terminology of SCIENCES AND PROFESSIONS is contained in the GOLDEN VERSION 2006. Special mention should be made to the dictionary of Information Technology and Internet terms which contains over 22,000 entries.


You can convert text to speech any headword, phrase, idiom in English-Greek and Greek-English Golden Version dictionary. Just select the proper text and click appropriate button on this toolbar. With English-Greek & Greek-English GOLDEN VERSION dictionary you can convert to speech all the English words and phrases, including headwords, examles of usage, idioms and texts copied from other applications, like MS-Word or Internet Explorer. For example, you might be on line and reading an English web page. Instead of reading it you can let Dictionaries Explorer convert it into speech. You receive an e-mail message in English? Instead of reading you can hear it!

This feature is implemented through speech synthesis, the hot new functionality in man-machine communication. You can use any speech synthesis system you want (Microsoft's, IBM's, etc.). The default is Microsoft's speech engine which is distributed for free, including all the available voices, so, depending on your Windows version, you can select the one you prefer.

You can start, stop, pause and configure such settings of the text-to-speech conversion as volume, speed and pitch; select a different voices; select different output (speakers or save as file).


Sample window demonstrating Synonyms and Antonyms feature in English-Greek and Greek-English Golden Version Dictionary When you look up words in English-Greek & Greek-English GOLDEN VERSION dictionary, Dictionaries Explorer searches and displays synonyms and antonyms of the words you look up, in a separate window. Thus you can select and look up the synonyms of these words.

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