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CAB Abstracts Archive


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Internationale fachbibliographische Datenbank mit über 1,86 Millionen Nachweisen und Abstracts zur Literatur aus dem Gesamtbereich der Agrarwissenschaften einschließlich Tiermedizin, Biotechnologie, Ernährungs- und Forstwissenschaft, Lebensmittelkunde, Humanmedizin und verwandten Gebieten. Verzeichnet werden Beiträge aus 17 Abstract-Zeitschriften. Retrospektive Erweiterung zu CAB Abstracts. Berichtszeitraum: 1910-1972.

CAB Abstracts Archive

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CABI Publishing

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During the early half of the 20th century an incredible amount of valuable research took place - research that is still relevant today.

CABI was there, capturing this research and publishing it in printed abstract journals. Today, the information we captured between 1910 and 1972 stretches to over 600 printed volumes - making it almost impossible for anyone to search effectively.

The creation of the CAB Abstracts Archive changed that. The Archive is a fully searchable database created from those 600 printed volumes. Containing over 1.8 million records on agriculture, veterinary science, nutrition and the environment, the Archive brings the science of the early 20th century to the desktops of modern researchers.

CAB Abstracts Archive helps researchers to:

  • build on earlier scientific work
  • learn from past mistakes
  • learn from past techniques
  • assess long-term trends and changes
  • access valuable research about rare and infrequent events
  • find 'missing' pieces of research
  • gain insights into the past


The following print journals have been fully digitized to form the archive:

  • Animal Breeding Abstracts
  • Dairy Science Abstracts
  • Field Crop Abstracts
  • Forestry Abstracts
  • Horticultural Science Abstracts
  • Nematological Abstracts
  • Nutrition Abstracts and Reviews Series A: Human and Experimental
  • Nutrition Abstracts and Reviews Series B: Livestock Feeds and Feeding
  • Plant Breeding Abstracts
  • Review of Agricultural Entomology
  • Review of Medical and Veterinary Mycology
  • Review of Plant Pathology
  • Review of Medical and Veterinary Entomology
  • Review of Plant Pathology
  • Soils and Fertilizers
  • Tropical Veterinary Bulletin
  • Veterinary Bulletin
  • Weed Abstracts
  • World Agricultural Economics and Rural Sociology Abstracts (WAERSA)

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