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CAB Abstracts Full Text


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CAB Abstracts Full Text

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CABI's full text repository is growing rapidly and has now been integrated into all our databases including CAB Abstracts, Global Health, our Internet Resources and Abstract Journals. There are currently over 120,000 full text articles available to access. These documents, made possible by agreement with third party publishers, have been specially digitised by us and 80% of the content is not available as open access electronically anywhere else.

Full Text facts

  • full text for over 120,000 records
  • 56% journal articles, 42% conference papers and other grey literature
  • 80% of the articles are in English
  • spans journals from over 74 countries
  • over 80% of journals aren't available online as open access from any other source

What kind of full text content is included?

In order for scientists to get the complete picture in their research, they need access to as much information as possible. Our full text content includes digital access to an abundance of hard-to-find, yet still important materials:

Journal articles / Conference proceedings / Reports / Research articles from smaller, society and non-English publishers / Content not readily available electronically any other way

Benefits of full text

  • preserves and archives material that is hard to find, and that previously have been lost to the scientific community
  • allows these documents to be found easily by searching the CAB Abstracts database
  • saves the user the time (and expense) of trying to locate documents that are difficult to find
  • meets user expectations to find the full text of material they see indexed in CAB Abstracts
  • places valuable, hard-to-find documents alongside the main-stream literature, ensuring that researchers have access to all relevant documents, not just those that are readily available
  • ensures that knowledge and information presented at conferences and in reports is disseminated throughout the scientific community
  • ensures researchers have access to the very latest research - For example many important papers are available in the form of conference proceedings months before a completed research paper is published. This puts conference proceedings at the forefront of research.
  • contains the full volume set including archives of a growing number of journals
  • while we do cover some material that may be currently free to view on the internet, inclusion in CABI's full text ensures that there will never be lost articles or broken links

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