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ASM Alloy Center Database


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Online-Service mit Zugang zu folgenden Datensammlungen in fünf Bereichen:


Alloy Finder: Bezeichnungen und Handelsnamen von Legierungen mit Angaben zu Hersteller, Zusammensetzung und mechanischen Eigenschaften


Materials Property Data: Informationen zu mechanischen und physikalischen Eigenschaften von Aluminiumlegierungen


Coatings Data: Informationen zu mehr als 1000 Beschichtungen


Corrosion Data: Daten zum Korrosionsverhalten von metallischen und nicht-metallischen Legierungen


Data Sheets & Diagrams: ca. 8000 Material-Datenblätter

ASM Alloy Center Database

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ASM International

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A one-stop, trusted source for ferrous and nonferrous alloy data, including worldwide equivalencies for alloys, mechanical, physical and chemical property data, coatings data, and corrosion characteristics in various environments. Includes material datasheets from Alloy Digest and other ASM publications, heat treating data sheets from the Heat Treater's Guides, stress-strain curves, creep curves, time-temperature curves and other engineering graphs for thousands of alloy designations in a fully searchable database.

The Alloy Center contains five content areas:

Data Sheets & Diagrams

Features thousands of documents in PDF format, including material data sheets from Alloy Digest and other ASM publications; heat treating data sheets from the Heat Treater's Guides; and time-temperature curves, creep curves, and fatigue curves. All organized by alloy and fully searchable.

Alloy Finder

Features alloy designations and trade names from around the world. Find key information, including composition, producer, tensile properties, and similar alloys.

Materials Property Data

Features mechanical properties, physical properties, and processing characteristics for most industrially important alloys. Find data plotted over a range of temperatures.

Coatings Data

Features detailed information for commercial coating processes. Search by trade name, manufacturer, process type, coating type, or key words.

Corrosion Data

Features corrosion information for specific alloys in specific environments. Search by alloy or environment.

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