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19th Century UK Periodicals


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Online-Service mit Zugang zu den vollständigen Folgen von über 600 englischsprachigen Zeitschriften und Magazinen des 19. Jahrhunderts im kombinierten Faksimile- und Volltextformat. Die auf Beständen der British Library, der schottischen Nationalbibliothek und weiterer Spezialbibliotheken beruhende Sammlung mit einem geplanten Gesamtumfang von über 6 Millionen Druckseiten, die bislang schwer zugängliches Material für Forschung und Lehre zur Verfügung stellt, ist in mehrere thematische Teilsammlungen gegliedert:

Die 1. Serie New readerships: Women's, Children's, Humor and Leisure/Sport beinhaltet rund 90 Zeitschriften zu den Themenkomplexen Frau, Freizeit & Sport, Humor, Kinder, Politik und Religion mit einem Umfang von ca. 1,2 Millionen Druckseiten.

Die 2. Serie Empire: Travel and Anthropology, Economics, Missionary & Colonial ist fokussiert auf die Rolle, die Großbritannien außerhalb seiner Grenzen während des 19. Jahrhunderts spielte. Im Spiegel von 91 Zeitschriften zeigt sich die Entwicklung Großbritanniens zur imperialen Großmacht. Abgedeckt werden die Themenbereiche Reisen, Literatur, Anthropologie, soziale Reformen, Philanthropie, Politik, Wirtschaft und Wissenschaft. Die Sammlung beruht auf Beständen der British Library, der Schottischen Nationalbibliothek und erstmalig der Nationalbibliotheken von Südafrika und Australien, wodurch auch Zeitschriften aus Kanada, Neuseeland, Indien und Ceylon in den Blick geraten.

19th Century UK Periodicals Part I

19th Century UK Periodicals Part II

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Gale Cengage - Primary Source Microfilm

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Consisting of more than 600 titles selected by leading academics in 23 subject areas, 19th Century U.K. Periodicals is an invaluable resource for the study of English life in the 19th century - from art to business, and from children to politics. Most of the materials in this extensive online collection have never been reissued, in any format, since their original publication. The collection consists of five series comprising 1.2 million pages each:

Series 1

New readerships: Women's, Children's, Humor and Leisure/Sport

This collection charts the rise of commercial lifestyle publishing in Britain and reflects the rapid development of modern magazine culture.

Among the key themes are:

  • The political spectrum of women's writing, from Hearth and Home to the Women's Penny Paper, offering important evidence of women's changing status in the 1800s
  • Satirical and comic titles, such as Fun, Punch, and Figaro in London, offering insight into what made people laugh during these times
  • The rapid increase of publications devoted to children's entertainment and education, with Boy's Own Paper and Good Words for the Young
  • This first series also demonstrates the explosion in popular sports and hobbies, from gardening and horse racing to cricket, cycling and golf.


  • New Readerships: 1.2 million pages
  • Major new series during a time of revolutionary change and expansion in the 19th century world
  • Wide variety of periodicals from topics such as politics, the rural life, children's literature, leisure and humor
  • Our first color digital archive (where published originally in color)
  • Cross-disciplinary in approach
  • New imaging sourced from multiple libraries worldwide

Series 2

Empire: Travel and Anthropology, Economics, Missionary and Colonial

The expansion of Empire was a pervading influence within 19th century British history. This series includes titles from India, Canada, South and East Africa, Australia and New Zealand alongside British titles, and covers both the economic and non-mercantile aspects of British expansionism. Drawing from the remarkable collection of the Royal Geographical Society and Commonwealth National Libraries it contains titles such as: Capital and Labour, Liberty Review, The Canadian Journal, The Friend of India, The Asiatic Review and Colonial Chronicle.

Series 3

Culture: Literature, Visual and Performing Arts - Coming Soon

This series provides a unique glimpse into the era through the arts and culture, including the serialized novels of Charles Dickens, political satire, theatre and concert reviews and essays by leading writers of the day.

Series 4

Working Life: Agriculture, The Professions, Trade and Industry and Medicine - Coming Soon

One key aspect of any 19th century study is the transformation of society through innovation and industrialization, urbanization and education. This series tracks these changes through the leading commerce, industry, medicine and legal journals of British society.

Series 5

Knowledge: Academic, Field Sciences, Philanthropic, Political, Religious and Scientific Journals

This series represents revolutions in world views, social change, evolution, concern poverty and inequality and the growth of the labor movement and the development of the modern university system.

Quick Facts

  • 2.1 million pages for Series 1-2 combined
  • 3,264,889 documents for Series 1-2 combined

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