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Crop Protection Compendium


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CABI Publishing

Crop Protection Compendium

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What is the Crop Protection Compendium?

A time-saving, encyclopedic, mixed-media tool that draws together scientific information on all aspects of crop protection. It features extensive global coverage of pests, diseases, weeds and their natural enemies, the crops that are their hosts, and the countries in which they occur.

Vital stats

  • Full datasheets - on 3,000 pests, diseases, natural enemies and crops (with 400 recently commissioned sheets added in 2010)
  • Basic information - on 27,000 more species
  • Latest scientific findings - through 160,000 bibliographic records updated weekly
  • In depth information - through 7,000 Library and Full Text journal and conference articles


  • Pest identification
  • Taxonomy
  • Morphology
  • Symptoms, detection and diagnosis
  • Geographical distribution, introduction and spread
  • Phytosanitary risk
  • Biology and Ecology
  • Habitat, movement and dispersal
  • Natural enemies
  • Economic, social and environmental impact
  • Invasiveness
  • Pest management
  • Seed Pathology
  • Crop production, botany and uses
  • Genetic variation and breeding
  • Production and international trade Unique features

Unique features

  • Extensive global coverage of crops, pests and natural enemies in a single resource with fast and easy navigation between text, images, maps and databases
  • Up-to-date information on the latest literature on the spread, detection and control of pests and diseases, new abstracts, full text and pest distribution information added weekly
  • Report generator to enable key information to be rapidly edited and disseminated
  • Maps of species distribution
  • Pest distribution data from the EPPO (European Plant Protection Organization) PQR database, CABI/EPPO maps, IPPC (International Plant Protection Convention) Official Pest Reports and other sources
  • Access to additional resources: ID keys, image libraries, pest distribution data, phytosanitary information
  • A site search to allow searching for a particular species or term across datasheets, abstracts, glossary, library and full text all at the same time
  • An advanced datasheet search to help with identification and quarantine issues
  • Browsing information by taxonomy

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