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Turpion Journal Archive 1958-2009


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Das Zeitschriftenarchiv umfasst die kompletten Backfiles von 12 namhaften russischen Fachzeitschriften aus den Bereichen Physik, Mathematik und Chemie mit einem Gesamtumfang von rund 25.500 Artikeln auf über 252.000 Druckseiten. Sämtliche Artikel können im PDF-Format abgerufen und im Volltext durchsucht werden, Abstracts und bibliographische Nachweise liegen im HTML-Format vor. Abgedeckter Zeitraum: 1958-1998.

Turpion Journal Archive 1958-2009

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Turpion has comprehensively digitized its journal archive dating back to the first English translation volumes. The archive is produced with the cooperation of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Institute of Physics Publishing, London Mathematical Society, The Royal Society of Chemistry, the British Library, and American Institute of Physics, American Mathematical Society. The archive contains full-text articles of top-level research in physics, mathematics and chemistry. These journals played a central role in the development of Russian basic science, containing some of the best articles by prominent authors.

Nobel Prize winning authors

The archive provides your institution with an invaluable collection of research from Nobel Prize winning authors and many other scientists of international distinction.

Contributors to our journals have included* :

Nikolay N. Semenov (Chemistry, 1956)

Igor E. Tamm (Physics, 1958)

Pavel A. Cherenkov (Physics, 1958)

Il'ya M. Frank (Physics, 1958)

Lev D. Landau (Physics, 1962)

Nikolay G. Basov (Physics, 1964)

Alexandr M. Prokhorov (Physics, 1964)

Pyotr L. Kapitsa (Physics, 1978)

Roald Hoffmann (Chemistry, 1981)

Zhores I. Alferov (Physics, 2000)

Vitaly L. Ginzburg (Physics, 2003)

Alexei A. Abrikosov (Physics, 2003)

*) Dates refer to the year of winning the Nobel Prize.

Publications available within the Turpion Journal Archive

The Turpion Journal Archive provides access to content published between 1958-1998 as listed below.

Journal title


Content included

Soviet Physics Uspekhi


1958 - 1992



1993 - 2009

Soviet Journal of Quantum Electronics


1971 - 1992

Quantum Electronics


1993 - 2009

Mathematics of the USSR-Sbornik


1967 - 1993

Russian Academy of Sciences. Sbornik Mathematics


1993 - 1995

Sbornik: Mathematics


1995 - 2009

Mathematics of the USSR-Izvestiya


1967 - 1992

Russian Academy of Sciences. Izvestiya Mathematics  


1993 - 1995

Izvestiya: Mathematics


1995 - 2009

Russian Mathematical Surveys


1960 - 2009

Russian Chemical Reviews


1960 - 2009

The archive contains approximately 34,000 articles and about 355,000 pages.

Benefits for researchers and librarians

  • Today's researchers increasingly demand publications in electronic rather than paper format. Archived articles are available as fully searchable PDFs; full metadata including DOI are available for each article.
  • The archive includes HTML title/author/abstract information searchable by keyword, including dates, or selecting the portion of the bibliographic record, and author's name and author's affi liation. All journals will feature a link from their home pages to the archives, facilitating fast, integrated cross-searching. Article level linking structure for the archive is the same as for the current journals.
  • Access to all content older than ten years is available for subscription or purchase. In 2009, this covers the period 1958-1998. Content from the most recent ten years continues to be included with your current subscription. When content from previous tenth year rolls into the archive from the current subscription, it will be available to existing purchasers at no extra cost to them.
  • With the Turpion Journal Archive as a key resource for Russian research in physics, mathematics and chemistry, librarians will be able to manage all-inclusive, easily accessible collections, and complete their archives without the added burden of single-issue purchases.
  • Usage statistics reports will be available directly to library administrators both for the current content and for the historic archive.
  • The electronic format frees up shelf space.

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