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Animal Health and Production Compendium


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CABI Publishing

Animal Health and Production Compendium

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The AHPC is an encyclopedic, mixed-media resource that brings together a wide range of differnet types of science based information on animal diseases, their pathogens and vectors ; animal husbandry, genetics and the nutrition of livestock and poultry species and breeds. This information has been sourced by experts and enhanced with specialist data from organisations as well as maps, images, abstract and full text articles.

Vital stats

  • Over 3,000 full datasheets covering animal diseases, pathogens, disease vectors, livestock and poultry species and breeds and an additional 18,000 outline datasheets
  • Over 135,000 bibliographic records from the CAB Abstracts database as well as 13,000 full text articles
  • 2,000 + images for demos and teaching
  • Glossary with more than 30,000 definitions


All aspects of health and production of the major economically important livestock and poultry species and breeds throughout the world including:

  • Distribution, diagnosis, prevention and treatment of infectious, zoonotic and non-infectious diseases
  • Diseases, pathogens and vectors
  • Husbandry, housing and animal welfare
  • Genetics and breeding
  • Nutrition and feeding
  • Herd and rangeland management
  • Economics of animal production disease impact
  • Animal production, dairy management and technology
  • Food safety and quality of livestock and poultry products throughout the food management chain, including HACCP techniques and systems, quality assurance, important zoonotic microbial pathogens and quality and safety aspects of individual food products

Unique features

  • Over 18,000 datasheets providing key, concise information on diseases, pathogens, vectors, and livestock species and breeds.
  • Extensive electronic library - Sourced from over 15 reputable publishers, the AHPC's electronic library includes books, book chapters, reports, articles, expert systems, annotated slide shows for presentation or self-teaching, and classified and indexed internet links
  • Links to a vast resource of carefully selected content on the web including drug databases, OIE Manuals, CoP livestock development, animal genetic and food and nutrition resources and disease information

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