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The Orlando History of Women's Writing in the British Isles, from the Beginnings to the Present


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Online-Service mit Zugang zu umfassenden biographischen, kritischen und historischen Informationen zur Geschichte der britischen Frauenliteratur vom Mittelalter bis zur Gegenwart. Enthalten sind Einträge zu Leben und Werk von über 1.000 Autorinnen mit Bibliographien und weiterführenden Links, interaktive Zeittafeln aus Selbstzeugnissen der Autorinnen und zeitgeschichtlichem Kontext, sowie zahlreiche Verlinkungen von Hypertextmaterialien (lokaler, zeitlicher, inhaltlicher Bezug) zu den jeweiligen Biographien. Updates: regelmäßig.

The Orlando History of Women's Writing in the British Isles, from the Beginnings to the Present

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Cambridge University Press

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Orlando is a comprehensive electronic database relating to women's writing in the British Isles. It offers a wealth of biographical and critical information on more than 1000 writers, together with entries on literary and historical events.

Extensive search capabilities

The database offers entries on authors' lives and writing careers, contextual material, timelines, internal links and bibliographies. Entries are tagged, enabling searches to focus not only on author, date and place but also on such issues as genre, intertextuality, and relations with publishers.

For scholars and students of literary and cultural history at all levels:

  • Undergraduates, seeking to further their knowledge
  • Lecturers producing course packs and timelines
  • Graduate students and academic researchers who need precise and up-to-date information relevant to their research interests

Key features


  • Up-to-date, collaboratively authored biographical, critical and historical material on over 1000 writers (over 20,000 bibliographical listings and 30,000 event listings)
  • Covers a wide-ranging time span, from the early medieval period to today
  • Includes related material on literary, social and historical events, male writers and non-British women writers
  • Highly detailed lines of enquiry can be pursued, from the financial situation of literary women in the nineteenth century to women's literary representations of warfare.
  • Regularly updated with new or revised author entries, and information relating to living writers


  • Users can follow extensive pathways: simple searches by author, occupation, genre or place, or combined passages through powerfully-focused searches which exploit the rich tagging underlying the database
  • Chronological features allows users to create their own timelines by name, date, place, phrase, genre or theme
  • Thousands of cross-linked references between entries, chronological sequences and collections of passages enable ease of searching
  • Available to both institutions and individuals by annual subscription
  • Comprehensive customer service, answering all your queries post-purchase

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