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Northern Ireland, 1921-1972: A Divided Community:
Cabinet Papers of the Stormont Administration


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Gale Cengage

Northern Ireland: A Divided Community 1921-1972: Cabinet Papers of the Stormont Administration

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This archive is composed of the "Cabinet Conclusion" files from all the debates and transactions for the entire duration of the Stormont administration, the devolved government of Northern Ireland, 1921-1972. These documents are key to any study of the turbulent history of Britain and Ireland during much of the 20th century.

Northern Ireland: A Divided Community, 1921-1972 makes available to researchers the working details of every aspect of local administration in peace and war, as well as covering the re-emergence of the civil strife that was to last for more than thirty years. Among the topics discussed, debated and legislated:

  • Policing
  • Arms and explosives
  • Social needs
  • Prevention of incitement to religious hatred
  • Army occupation of factories
  • Routing of Orange Day parades
  • Dock strikes
  • Law and order and rioting
  • The roles of the Ulster Defense Force and the Royal Ulster Constabulary

This unique collection will be an essential addition to the holdings of all libraries supporting international studies, British history and the history of modern Ireland, north and south.

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