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International Country Risk Guide (ICRG)


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The PRS Group

International Country Risk Guide (ICRG)

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Since 1980, International Country Risk Guide (ICRG) has been evaluating both the significant developments and the subtle factors that cursory, once-a-year reviews frequently miss. The ICRG is uniquely placed to evaluate economic, political and financial risk and warn of major changes—even when the popular opinion points in different directions. The ICRG's British editor gives you a unique European perspective that can help you determine the risks to your business and investments around the world.

Each issue of the International Country Risk Guide includes:

- An explanation of the ICRG's highly regarded rating system.

- Regional sections with analysis of events in each country and the likely impact on your business and investments.

- Fifty pages of independently acclaimed (Barron's, The Economist, The Wall Street Journal) risk statistics that detail where the opportunities—and the pitfalls—lie. Statistical tables available separately.

- Statistical tables for the ICRG's business-oriented risk model give you a detailed, country-by-country breakdown of the comparative risks of investing time and money in each country. ICRG Tables give you a proven method of forecasting the effects of many specific and real political, economic and financial risks. Whether you deal in equities, bonds or currency, you need to know the outlook for such country-specific risks as government instability, corruption, liquidity, economic planning failures, exchange controls, deficits, contract viability, and inflation shifts. With a subscription to ICRG Tables, you get an updated set of tables every month. You may also purchase historical data back to January 1984.

Subscription Options

- Print—Twelve monthly issues with about 250 pages of reports and ratings.

- Online at

- Historical Data—The most extensive archive of country risk ratings available. Over 12 years of monthly ratings for 140 countries available on diskette in spreadsheet format.

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