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Online-Service mit Zugang zu über 30.000 Aufsätzen aus rund 60 Peer reviewed-Zeitschriften des Verlages World Scientific Publishing. Sämtliche Artikel können im PDF-Format abgerufen und im Volltext durchsucht werden, Abstracts und bibliographische Nachweise liegen im HTML-Format vor. Interne und externe Referenzverlinkungen mit CrossRef/DOI. Verfügbar sind die folgenden thematischen Zeitschriftenarchive: Physics Archives, Nonlinear Science Archives, Mathematics Archives, Medical and Life Sciences, Computer Science Archives und Engineering Archives. Berichtszeitraum: 1973-2000.

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World Scientific Publishing

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World Scientific's rapidly expanding journal program has grown to include more than 90 international peer-reviewed journals. The program has kept pace with the latest developments in scientific research, providing prompt responses to the scientific community's demand for publication outlets in rapidly advancing fields such as nanotechnology, biomedical science and computational science. In recent years, the scope was broadened to include materials science, medical science, life sciences, banking and finance, and business management. We are also the exclusive distributor for all the journals published by Imperial College Press.

Spinning off from, was launched in 2005 to make older content (prior to 2001) electronically accessible in subject collections. The portal contains abstracts and full-text journal articles dating back to 1973. To date, more than 30,000 articles from over 60 journals are available on this platform. Collections offered include:

- Physics Archives

- Nonlinear Science Archives

- Mathematics Archives

- Medical and Life Sciences

- Computer Science Archives

- Engineering Archives

The portal goes beyond delivering content from World Scientific's collection of print journals. Older journals that have ceased publication are also included in this database, in line with our aim of making all our print content available online, and conveniently accessible. Bibliographic data of all articles is also submitted to CrossRef, ensuring that reference citations are hyperlinkable through the DOI. An intuitive and easy to use search facility makes locating an article on simple and straightforward. Participating institutions can search for, view and print articles from the various subject collections at any time, and from any location.

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