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Comprehensive Analytical Chemistry


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Online-Service mit Zugang zur Buchreihe "Comprehensive Analytical Chemistry" des Verlages Elsevier. Die Reihe behandelt in ausführlichen, von führenden Fachwissenschaftlern verfassten Beiträgen Grundlagen, Entwicklungen und Anwendungen der Analytischen Chemie. Die Titel sind im PDF-Format verfügbar. Die Buchreihe wird laufend erweitert. Abgedeckter Zeitraum: Band 28 ff. (1991).

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Elsevier Science

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Now the high quality reference material found in Elsevier's handbooks is available, anytime, anywhere presented online as part of different subject collections. With content solicited from the world's leading authorities, these highly-cited volumes offer an invaluable resource for your researchers. With the handbooks available from volume one up to the most current volume, users gain online access to valuable research spanning many years and many important developments in scholarly research.

Handbook Features

- Comprise authoritative, quality repositories within a mature research field.

- Include chapters serving as self-contained surveys, often defining a field.

- Authored by the most highly regarded experts in their fields.

- Are highly cited.

- Provide important entry points to the key literature.

- Are updated regularly with new volumes.

- Are fully searchable and linkable.

Benefits to the Librarian:

- Ensure your users access to the most current and comprehensive content.

- Improve retrieval and increases usage of important content.

- Offer multiple researchers simultaneous access saving the cost of purchasing multiple copies.

- Allow cost benefit analysis via usage statistics.

Benefits to the Researcher:

- The series are fully searchable giving researchers unsurpassed access to breadth and depth of information.

- Researchers can choose to browse chapters or articles.

ScienceDirect's integrated platform facilitates linking and searching between content types and onward, through CrossRef to other publishers' content.

- Remote usage and a stable reliable platform mean researchers have access anytime, anywhere.

Comprehensive Analytical Chemistry

Subjects covered:

- Elemental Speciation

- Environmental Analytical Chemistry

- Chromatography

The latest volumes of the Comprehensive Analytical Chemistry presents the basic principles, major developments and important applications of analytical chemistry. The volumes in this handbook discuss in depth topics regarding experimental phenomena, major advances, experimental approaches, essential instrumental methods, theoretical strategies and important applications within the field. The comprehensive coverage covered in this handbook generates a broad appeal for graduate students and researchers in academia and industry interested in analytical chemistry.

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