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Chuan Su Ku Series


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SuKuChuanShu, SuKuTsunMuShu, SuKuZouHuiShu, SuKuWeiShouShu


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While compiled and revised "Wen Yuan Ger Su Ku Chuan Shu" during Ching Dynasty, Chinese Emperor Chien Lung ever divided all the Chinese ancient books collected from the whole country into four categories according to his dominant needs: Su Ku Chuan Shu (complete-content-reserved books), Su Ku Tsun Mu Shu (only-title-reserved books), Su Ku Zou Hui Shu (destroyed books), and Su Ku Wei Shou Shu (excluded books). In which the first kind Su Ku Chuan Shu is the most famous of Chinese ancient books ever known because of its complete reservation, but generally Sinologists all think that, on research values and historic ranking, the latter three kinds are not inferior at all to the first one, especially on those sole copies of some out-of-print books.

The databank "Chuan Su Ku Series" just contains these four kinds of ancient books. Which are collected from more than 200 countries and libraries over the world by Beijing-University work team whose leader is professor Liu Jung Wen, a very renowned Sinologist in the world. The databank contains 8900 books totally, including 3000 sole-copy books in existence and 173,000 volumes, almost compiling all the important Chinese classics from Chin Dynasty to Chien Lung.

On length, "Chuan Su Ku Series" is two and half times Su Ku Chuan Shu. On content, rather than the manipulating style of the latter because of political consideration, the former completely presents all the original texts and editions of these books as their initial appearances, and has never altered any words or modified any characters, so that it owns superior research values.

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