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Contemporary Neo-Confucianism Databank


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United Digital Publications (Greatman Knowledge Management Group)


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"Contemporary Neo-Confucianism Databank" (or "Legein Databank") contains all the dissertations of successive previous "International Academic Symposium of Contemporary Neo-Confucianism", proceedings of successive previous "Eastern Humanities Foundation's Seminar", articles of "Legein Biannual Journal" and "Legein Monthly". Which are sponsored and hosted by "Legein Society" - regarded as "the key world-wide Neo-Confucianism research center" by global Sinologists.

Focusing on studying and connecting Confucius' and Kant's thoughts, the databank includes 5000 superior articles of Chinese culture, Chinese philosophy and western thought, which are most frequently cited of their kinds by scholars, and usually win the prizes of "Excellent Scholarly Journal" bestowed by "National Science Council", "Ministry of Education" and "Cultural work Council of Chinese Kuomintang".

"Legein" (or called as "E-Hu" in Chinese pronunciation) was ever the famous historic scene where Zhu-Si and Lu Siang-Shan of Song Dynasty controvert on Confucianism. "Legein Society" also quotes this same meaning of Confucian dialogue and East-West thoughts' connection. Chinese culture and Confucianism had declined seriously since May Fourth Movement in 1919 and overall Cultural Revolution of Mainland China in 1966. Then Confucianism keeps on being developed based on "Legein Society" in Taiwan. explaining anew traditional Chinese culture in modern views, Legein Society has invigorated Neo-Confucianism constantly for 30 years and has won global Chinese's affirmative.

Constantly remaining new and universal values, Confucianism is always one of the greatest world-wide schools of thought due to its flexibility, accommodation and tolerance. Voltaire esteems highly Confucius "an excellent universal model". Confucius' thought also ever enlightened some great democratic thinkers of Western Europe, such as Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson and John Quincy Adams. Even Mainland China also pays much attention to it again in these two decades. The revival of Confucianism and old Chinese cultural traditions has become fashionable in China since late 1980. Meanwhile, Neo-Confucianism has been listed in the key researching items of government.

"Ming Bao" in Hong Kong indicates that Neo-Confucianism initiated from Taiwan has become the chief Chinese culture and owns main influence on Eastern and Western Sinology. It's also said that doctoral students in U.S.A. will be very difficult to pass their dissertation examinations without digesting Mou Zong San's and Tang Jun Yi's works which have been completely collected in Legein Databank..

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