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Chinese Calligraphy and Inscription Collection


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United Digital Publications (Greatman Knowledge Management Group)

Chinese Calligraphy and Inscription Collection

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"Chinese Calligraphy and Inscription Collection" integrates digital search engine with traditional calligraphic dictionary and celebrated calligraphic models. It collects plenty of renowned calligraphists' handwritings, stone rubbings and inscriptions from Chinese successive Dynasties for 4700 years, including ancient Yin-Shang, Chin, Han, Wei-Jin Nan-Bei Zhao, Tang, Song, Jin, Yuan, Ming, Ching Dynasties, and the handwritten scripture of Dun-Huang Caves. Which come to 740 calligraphers, 3700 calligraphic models, 650,000 characters in various forms, and 2,560,000 characters of explanatory notes. It owns 5 kinds of functions accordingly--studying, teaching, appreciating, textual researching and applying.

It contains 3 databanks

  • "Single-Character Databank", in which every photo scanned from single character reserves its original look, charm and feeling.
  • "Model-Fulltext Databank" for handwritings and inscriptions. In which users can promptly find different calligraphers' works from different Dynasties and enjoy or compare their styles via search engine.
  • "Character-Science (Zi-Shue) Dian of Gujin Tushu Jicheng" compiles many explanations and definitions relative to calligraphy, calligraphists and the treasures in the study, and records many rare and lost materials.

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