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Handbook of Adolescent Psychology


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2nd Edition

Hrsg. v. Richard Lerner und Laurence Steinberg


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John Wiley & Sons

Handbook of Adolescent Psychology, 2nd Edition

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Practical and accessible - Lerner and Steinberg's Handbook of Adolescent Psychology is the definitive reference work covering the current knowledge and cutting edge philosophy regarding the transformative years of adolescent development. Stretching across the fields of behavioral science and education - the editors have assembled experts from the US and abroad - defining and expanding the contemporary study of adolescent development as it relates to professionals working in mental health and education as well as academics and researchers interested in developmental theory and applied science.

Edited by two of the best known and most frequently cited authorities on adolescent development, Richard Lerner of Tufts University and Laurence Steinberg of Temple University, this new edition has been expanded to two volumes, Volume 1, Individual Bases of Adolescent Development, covering conceptual and methodological foundations, and domains of individual development and Volume 2, Contextual Influences on Adolescent Development, covering interpersonal influences, institutional influences, and the broader context of adolescence.

Handbook of Adolescent Psychology includes coverage of:

- Brain development

- Social cognitive development

- Attachment and autonomy

- Romantic relationships

- Ethnicity and immigration

- Poverty and socioeconomic disadvantages

- Religion and spirituality

- Adolescence, adolescents, and the media

- Schooling adolescents

- Positive youth development

- Cross-cultural issues in the study of adolescent development

Offering a strong voice to the developing adolescent and insight into the nature of his or her social, cultural, and historical context, Handbook of Adolescent Development is the best resource for students, educators, researchers, and practitioners seeking practical information backed by the most current, thorough, and expert research on adolescents.

This second edition of the Handbook of Adolescent Psychology documents and elucidates the coming of age of the field of adolescent development. Many of the remarkable achievements over the past 25 years in cognitive neuroscience, genetics, other biomedical sciences and the behavioral and social sciences are represented in the contributions of the interdisciplinary group of authors. This assembled body of knowledge provides impressive evidence of the web of factors that interact to determine pathways of adolescent development. Their chapters also reflect the importance of advances in multilevel research designs and sophisticated data analytic strategies for addressing the complexity of sorting out the impacts of multiple interacting influences.

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