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Emerald Engineering Database


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Zeitschriftenaufsatzdatenbank mit Zugang zu Abstracts und Volltexten von 17 Fachzeitschriften des Verlages Emerald aus den Bereichen Automation, Numerische Mathematik, Elektronik und Elektrotechnik sowie Materialwissenschaften. Abgedeckter Zeitraum: 1994 ff. Updates: wöchentlich.

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The Emerald Engineering Database provides access to crucial engineering, materials science and technical information from world-renowned journals via a fully searchable, online database. This database dramatically extends your library collection and covers the major engineering disciplines of advanced automation; computational mathematics; electrical manufacture and packaging; and materials science and engineering.

A subscription to the Emerald Engineering Database provides real value for money through making a massive saving on the cost of individual journal subscriptions.

Emerald Engineering journals

The Emerald Engineering journal portfolio offers practical and theoretical solutions over a number of major engineering disciplines. The majority of titles in the Emerald Engineering portfolio are listed by Thomson Reuters (ISI), making them essential reading for all engineers who are working, researching or teaching this subject:

- Advanced Automation

- Computational Mathematics

- Electronics Manufacture

- Materials Science

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