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The WordFinder Language Solution range makes WordFinder Software Scandinavia's leading supplier of electronic language software. Our aim is to provide users, in an ever-decreasing world, with software that facilitates multilingual communication.

Dictionaries for WordFinder

Our range of products contains more than 100 different dictionaries in 12 different languages focusing on a large number of subjects. This extensive range makes it easier for you to identify a dictionary that suits you and your operations.

We collaborate with leading publishers in Scandinavia and Europe to supply top quality dictionaries with the WordFinder software. Examples of publishers are Norstedts Ordbok in Sweden, Kunnskapsforlaget in Norway and HarperCollins in England. WordFinder also relies on other leading publishers around the world for a number of its technical dictionaries.

General dictionaries

  • Collins Italian Dictionary, En-It
  • Collins Italian Dictionary, It-En
  • Collins German Dictionary, En-Ge
  • Collins German Dictionary, Ge-En
  • Collins Polish Dictionary, En-Pl
  • Collins Polish Dictionary, Pl-En
  • Collins Spanish Dictionary, En-Sp
  • Collins Spanish Dictionary, Sp-En
  • Kunnskapsforlagets comprehensive En-No dictionary
  • Kunnskapsforlagets comprehensive No-En dictionary
  • Kunnskapsforlagets No-Ge/Ge-No blue dictionary
  • Kunnskapsforlagets No-Fr/Fr-No blue dictionary
  • Kunnskapsforlagets No-Sp/Sp-No blue dictionary
  • Larousse Chambers Advanced Dictionary, Fr-En
  • Larousse Chambers Advanced Dictionary, En-Fr
  • Norstedts comprehensive Sw-En dictionary
  • Norstedts comprehensive En-Sw dictionary
  • Norstedts Sw-Du dictionary
  • Norstedts Du-Sw dictionary
  • Norstedts comprehensive Fr-Sw dictionary
  • Norstedts comprehensive Sw-Fr dictionary
  • Norstedts Sw-Ge dictionary
  • Norstedts Ge-Sw dictionary
  • Norstedts It-Sw dictionary
  • Norstedts Sw-It dictionary
  • Norstedts Sp-Sw dictionary
  • Norstedts Sw-Sp dictionary
  • Norstedts Scandinavian dictionary
  • Politikens English-Danish dictionary
  • Van Dale Comprehensive Dutch-English Dictionary
  • Van Dale Comprehensive English-Dutch Dictionary
  • WSOY comprehensive Finnish-English dictionary
  • WSOY comprehensive English-Finnish dictionary
  • WSOY Finnish-Swedish dictionary
  • WSOY Swedish-Finnish dictionary

Monolingual dictionaries

  • Collins English Dictionary 5th Edition
  • Collins English Thesaurus
  • Larousse Multidico French Dictionary
  • Norstedts Swedish Dictionary plus Encyclopedia
  • Swedish dictionary
  • Swedish Thesaurus

Financial and legal dictionaries

  • Peter Collin Business German Dictionary, En-Ge
  • Cappelen En-No financial dictionary
  • Peter Collin Business German Dictionary, Ge-En
  • Cappelen No-En/En-No financial dictionary
  • Cappelen No-En/En-No legal dictionary
  • Cappelen No-Ge/Ge-No finacial dictionary
  • Cappelen Ge-No finacial dictionary
  • Cappelen En-No legal dictionary
  • Cappelen No-En/En-No legal dictionary
  • Peter Collin Business Spanish Dictionary, En-Sp
  • Peter Collin Business Spanish Dictionary, Sp-En
  • FAR´s English dictionary
  • L&H Biz 2000, Da-En Business dictionary
  • L&H Biz 2000, En-Da Business dictionary
  • L&H Business Dictionary, Da-Ge
  • L&H Business Dictionary, Ge-Da
  • Sw-En business communication dictionary
  • En-Sw business communication dictionary
  • Sw-Ge business dictionary
  • Ge-Sw business dictionary
  • Sw-Fr business dictionary
  • Fr-Sw business dictionary

Technical dictionaries

  • Engström's Sw-En technical dictionary
  • Engström's En-Sw technical dictionary
  • Engström's Sw-Ge technical dictionary
  • Engström's Ge-Sw technical dictionary
  • Engström's Sw-Fr technical dictionary
  • Engström's Fr-Sw technical dictionary
  • Formatics No-En technical dictionary
  • Formatics En-No technical dictionary
  • Formatics No-Ge technical dictionary
  • Formatics Ge-No technical dictionary
  • Gullberg, Sw-En technical term dictionary
  • L&H Technical Dictionary, Da-Ge
  • L&H Technical Dictionary, Ge-Da
  • L&H Tek 2000, Da-En Technical dictionary
  • L&H Tek 2000, En-Da Technical dictionary
  • Norstedts Sw-En/En-Sw Medicine
  • SIS Paper Vocabulary
  • Stahre´s Sw-En industrial dictionary
  • Stahre´s En-Sw industrial dictionary
  • Sw-En technical dictionary of aeronautical terms
  • En-Sw technical dictionary of aeronautical terms
  • Sw-Sp technical dictionary
  • Sp-Sw technical dictionary
  • Sw-En-Sw building construction dictionary

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