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The American Founding Era Collection


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Online-Service mit Zugang zu Schriften, Briefen und Tagebüchern zentraler Figuren aus der Zeit des amerikanischen Unabhängigkeitskriegs und der jungen Republik (1783-1825). Die Sammlung umfasst digitale Einzeleditionen der Tagebücher und Briefe von George Washington (1732-1799), der Schriften, Aufzeichnungen und Briefe von James Madison (1751-1838), der Tagebücher, Schriften und Briefe von John Adams (1735-1826), der Briefe seiner Ehefrau Dolley Madison (1768-1849) und Alexander Hamilton (1757-1804) im Volltext.

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The University of Virginia Press

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The Dolley Madison Digital Edition (Letters 1788-Juni 1836)

The Papers of George Washington

The Adams Papers

The Papers of Thomas Jefferson

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978-0-8139-2291-1 (The Dolley Madison Digital Edition)

978-0-8139-2607-0 (The Papers of George Washington)

978-0-8139-2700-8 (The Adams Papers)

978-0-8139-2711-4 (The Papers of Thomas Jefferson)

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The American Founding Era Collection brings together original digital works with digital editions of the papers of major figures of the early republic, many of them decades in the making. These digital editions will present all material from the published volumes, including editorial annotations and careful transcriptions of hundreds of thousands of documents, in a fully searchable and interoperable online environment.

Rotunda's American Founding Era collection offers scholars and students at all levels an invaluable source of primary and secondary materials by some of the era's most enduring figures, including George Washington, James Madison, and Alexander Hamilton.

The Dolley Madison Digital Edition

Edited by Holly C. Shulman

Containing over 900 letters, with nearly 2,000 additional letters to follow in periodic updates, this XML-based archive allows users to perform simple or advanced searches by period, correspondent, or topic. The letters may also be accessed directly through a sortable list or read in chronological order. Proper names link to a glossary that identifies over 1,000 people, providing a unique biographical view on the elites of the early Republic.

The Papers of George Washington

Theodore J. Crackel, Editor in Chief

Named an Outstanding Academic Title 2007 by the American Library Association's Choice magazine

All 52 volumes of the celebrated print edition, encompassing five series and the complete diaries, are now available in one XML-based publication. Users may search on full text and by date, author, and recipient. The exceptional indexing of the print volumes is combined here into a single master index, and all internal document cross-references are linked. The content may be navigated by series, date, or index entry.

The Adams Papers

C. James Taylor, Editor in Chief

The definitive record of the nation's first great political family, The Adams Papers Digital Edition comprises John Adams's complete diaries, selected legal papers, and the ongoing series of family correspondence and state papers. This XML edition presents in a searchable online environment all 30 volumes of the Adams Papers from the founding generation that have so far appeared in print. The contents are fully annotated, feature linked cross-references, and may be accessed by date, series, author, or recipient, as well as through a master index (coming shortly). Future volumes will appear in installments.

The Papers of Thomas Jefferson

Edited by Barbara B. Oberg and J. Jefferson Looney

Crucial to our nation's history as author of the Declaration of Independence and third president, Thomas Jefferson was also a major figure in the Enlightenment, representing for Europeans the embodiment of the early nineteenth-century American mind. Since 1950, his writings have been compiled in the ongoing project The Papers of Thomas Jefferson. Rotunda's digital edition brings together all 33 volumes published through 2006 into one searchable online resource. This content will be joined soon by the first four volumes of the Retirement Series sponsored by the Thomas Jefferson Foundation, which documents the time between Jefferson's return to private life and his death in 1826. This XML edition includes all the illustrations and bibliographical content of the print edition, with the added convenience of linked cross-references and indexes.

Forthcoming digital archives from Rotunda's American Founding Era Collection:

The Documentary History of the Ratification of the Constitution

This landmark work in historical and legal scholarship draws upon thousands of sources to trace the Constitution's progress through each of the thirteen states' conventions. The digital edition allows users to search the complete contents by date, title, author, recipient, or state affiliation and preserves the copious annotations and thorough indexing of the print edition.

The Papers of James Madison

The multivolume collected papers of the fourth president and chief architect of the Constitution are presented together in a single XML-based archive. This fully searchable online resource includes all the primary-source material and editorial content of the celebrated print edition, with future volumes, including the forthcoming Retirement Series, to be added in installments.

The Papers of Alexander Hamilton

The landmark complete papers of the founder of the Federalist Party and the early Republic's most influential fiscal voice.

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