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General and Applied Toxicology


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3rd edition

Hrsg. v. Bryan Ballantyne, Dr Timothy C. Marrs und Tore Syversen


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Umfassendes Nachschlagewerk zur mit über 150 ausführlichen Beiträgen zur Allgemeinen und Theoretischen Toxikologie sowie zur Angewandten Toxikologie. Die Online-Ausgabe basiert auf der 2010 erschienenen, 6-bändigen Printausgabe.

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John Wiley & Sons

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Encompassing 150 articles written by leading scientists in the field, the third edition of General and Applied Toxicology provides a comprehensive and in-depth review of the basic science of toxicology, its specializations, and the application of toxicological knowledge.

This new edition reflects developments within the field that have taken place since the second edition was published in 1999. These include:

- New information developed in the areas of both the fundamental and applied aspects of toxicology

- Considerable increase in the development of fundamental information and its applications, refinement of technical methods, advances in mechanistic toxicology, and greater interest in areas of toxicology previously regarded as of limited scope

- Changing approaches to methodological, interpretative, regulatory, and ethical aspects of basic and applied toxicology

General and Applied Toxicology, 3rd Edition is the first port of call for academic researchers, industrial researchers, regulatory professionals, and advanced students looking for timely and authoritative information in the field. Due to the increase in public and media interest in exposure to toxic substances, this provides an indispensable general reference source for general physicians, lawyers, law enforcement agencies, information resource facilities, and members of the general public.

Topics covered include:

- Basic Science

- Molecular and Cellular Aspects of Toxicology

- Factors Influencing Toxicology

- Methodology

- Toxicity by Routes

- Target Organ and Tissue Toxicity

- Genetic Toxicology, Oncogenesis, Developmental and Reproductive Toxicology

- Environmental and Ecotoxicology

- Specialisation

- Issues Relevant to Toxicology

- Professional, Ethical and Legal Issues

- Military and Homeland Security Toxicology Issues

- Toxicology of Specific Groups of Substances

- Toxinology

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