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Otzar HaHochma


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Online, HDD

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Sammlung von über 47.000 Schriften aus allen Bereichen der jüdischen Kultur und Geschichte von den Anfängen bis zur Gegenwart. Enthalten sind u.a. Erstausgaben und Frühdrucke zentraler Texte, Reproduktionen von Handschriften, Flugschriften, Zeitschriften und Tora-Sammlungen, darunter ein wesentlicher Anteil von seltenen oder schwer zugänglichen Materialien der rabbinischen Literatur. Die Schriften werden durch einen umfangreichen Schlagwortkatalog inhaltlich erschlossen. Rund 35.000 Schriften sind darüber hinaus im Volltext durchsuchbar. Updates: laufend.

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Ohr HaHochma Publications

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Otzar Ha-Hochma (Hebrew for Treasure of Wisdom) - the World's Largest Online Jewish Library. The program's already been dubbed "The greatest revolution since the printing press."

The Online, unique library of Otzar Ha-Hochma contains nearly 47,000 Jewish books & roughly four million pages including thousands of extremely rare books that have not been published for hundreds of years and are now accessible to everyone.

Otzar Ha-Hochma Library consists of books from every branch of Judaica and Jewish History and is more comprehensive than anything ever available before. Among these are early editions of well-known books; reproductions of manuscripts and first editions; pamphlets; periodicals; Torah collections published in single editions and much more. An extensive and detailed subject catalog enables quick and easy access to the repository.

Otzar Ha-Hochma users can now search and browse categorized representation of the repository, preview books, and purchase the rights to view or print the books, using NetIS™ advanced DRM technology and seamless e-commerce integration. All of the books, alongside which appears their bibliography, are catalogued according to topics and sub-topics. A sophisticated search-engine allows users to search for single words or word combinations in roughly 35,000 books. Users can look through, search and print from anywhere in the world.

Universities, Libraries; Colleges & Yeshivas can purchase site licenses, while individual scholars around the world can now also flexibly purchase portion from this vast database at flexible price models.

Otzar Ha-Chochma Full Library includes the following catagories:

- Various editions of Mikraot Gedolot on Tanach

- Commentary on Tanach

- Translations and commentary

- Drash interpretation of Tanach

- Mesora

- Commentaries on Rashi

- Various editions of the Mishnah and Talmud

- Commentary on Talmud

- Chidushei Torah and Halacha

- Explanation of Talmudic discussions

- Lessons in Torah

- Midrashim on Jewish law and narrative

- Small tractates

- Books from the Gaonic period

- The Rambam's books and commentary

- Responsa

- Kabbalah

- Hasidut

- Jewish thought and education

- Tradition on scriptural reading

- Philosophy

- Eulogies for Gedolim

- The Jewish Holidays

- Jewish Law and Customs

- History and timetables

- Communities

- History of the Gedolim

- Compilations and journals of Torah writings

- Siddurim and Machzorim

- Slichot, Kinot and Azharot

- Poetry

- The 613 mitzvos

- Source annotations

- The Land of Israel

- Jerusalem and the Temple

- Amulets and medicaments

- Tales

- Science and astronomy

- Bibliography and indexes

- Lexicons and Lashon Hakodesh

- Encyclopedias

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