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The Eastern Question


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Brill Academic Publishers

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The Brill series The Eastern Question consists of collections of unique primary sources about the diplomatic, military, economic, and cultural relations between Europe and the Middle East ranging from the seventeenth century to the early twentieth century. These Brill publications offer new material on the history of the Middle East, Russia, and Europe, which no modern historian can afford to ignore.

Travels (Western Travellers in the Islamic World)

The sub-series "Travels" offers a wide range of printed Western travelogues about the Ottoman Empire, with individual publications concerning Russian and other European travelers, as well as about Eurasia, the area most affected by the Russian ambitions.

Russian-Ottoman Relations (Russian-Ottoman Relations: The Origins 1600-1800, Russian-Ottoman Relations: Shifts in the Balance of Power, 1800-1853 , Russian-Ottoman Relations: The Crimean War 1853-1856, Russian-Ottoman Relations: The End of the Empires, 1857-1914)

The sub-series "Russian-Ottoman Relations" covers the period 1600-1900 in four collections, each of which offers rare printed works in Western languages.

Russian Intelligence (Russian Military Intelligence on Asia: Secret Prints, 1883-1913, Russian Military Intelligence on Asia: Archives, 1620-1917)

Finally, the sub-series "Russian Intelligence" offers material which has never been published before. The first collection, comprising printed secret files, focuses on the final period of the Eastern Question, while the second, offering unique archival material, covers the entire earlier period.

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