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Chinese Film and Newsreel Scripts from the Cultural Revolution Online


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From the Rare Book, Manuscript, and Special Collections Library, Duke University


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Brill Academic Publishers

Chinese Film and Newsreel Scripts from the Cultural Revolution Online

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Produced mostly by the Central Newsreel and Documentary Film Studio of China, documentary films and newsreels were two of the major mass media and communication channels in China from the 1950s through the 1970s. They covered all aspects of social activities, though the emphasis was on developments and achievements in the building of a socialist country. In order to reach even broader public audiences, government agents produced and printed the transcripts and shot lists for the films and sent them to cities and rural areas.

The bulk of the items in the collection are transcripts for the documentary films and newsreels from the Cultural Revolution, 1966-1976. Few of these printed materials have survived due to the poor quality of the paper upon which they were printed. All documents in the collection are in Chinese. The material in this collection was found in a cinema company office in Henan province, China and is part of the collection of Duke University Library.

This Collection contains

- Advertisements and Film Description Series, 1953-1966

- Documentary and Newsreel Scripts Series, 1946-1985 and undated

- Feature Filmscripts Series

- Newspaper Clipping Scrapbook Series, 1950-1959 and undated

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