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Taiwan Nichinichi Sinpou


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Online-Service mit Zugang zu "Taiwan Nichinichi Sinpou", einer weit verbreiteten chinesischen Zeitung, die vor allem für die Zeit der japanischen Besetzung (Kolonialzeit) relevant ist. Abgedeckter Zeitraum: 1898-1944.

Taiwan Nichinichi Sinpou

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Transmission Book & Microinfo Co. (TBMC)

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Taiwan Nichinichi Sinpou was first published in 1898 and was the most long-lasting and widely circulated newspaper in Taiwan during the Japanese Colonialism. Many outstanding Taiwanese and Japanese writers, such as Heng Lian, worked for the newspaper and established a solid foundation for its high quality.

Transmission worked with Yumani Shobou (Yumani Bookstore) to digitize the original copy of Taiwan Nichinichi Sinpou reserved by Hokkaido University. With its high quality image, National Central Library and Academia Sinica chose this digitized version as their library collections. Transmission digitized 340 rolls of microforms produced by Yumani Shobou and converted more than 100,000 page images into PDF files. In addition, Transmissions editorial department carefully indexed each headlines, and made the content searchable. Users now can easily access this valuable historical resource by browsing the index and view the full-text contents. The digitized version of Taiwan Nichinichi Sinpou is an indispensable resource for the Taiwan study researchers.

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