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Shitong / The Ten General Series Full Text Database


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The Ten General Series, a de facto encyclopedia of ancient China, is a collective name for the ten classic series on ancient Chinese regulations, institutions, politics, and their transformation over thousands of years in Chinese history. It includes three categories: Tongdian (Comprehensive Canon, a historical encyclopedia covering panoply of topics from high antiquity), Tongzhi (General Treaties, a great institutional history of China from its beginnings down through the dynasties), Wenxian Tongkao (General Study of the Literary Remains, a huge encyclopedia of general knowledge).

The Ten General Series contains more than 2,700 volumes, totaling more than 30,000,000 characters. Covered are topics such as military affairs, culture, religion, philology, phonetics, the development of families and clans, etc.

The database supports Unicode, browsing, full-text searching, linked images and text, copy/paste, and print. The electronic copy also features Chinese handwriting recognition input, a character dictionary and date conversion tools.

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