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Chinese Electronic Theses and Dissertations Service (CETD)


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Interdisziplinäre Datenbank mit Nachweisen von chinesischen und taiwanesischen Dissertationen, Doctoral Theses sowie Master's Theses.

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The Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Service (ETDS) of Airiti Inc provides a free-of-charge platform for any graduate student of a participating university to submit an approved Master's thesis or doctoral dissertation for storage and retrieval. The ETDS streamlines the entire on-campus submission, authorization and format review process. Individual users need only set up an ETDS account via Airiti Library to upload their thesis or dissertation, allowing direct access to the document content via the Airiti Library's CETD platform.

Content characteristics

Currently, 21 universities and colleges in Taiwan utilize Airiti's ETDS, including National Taiwan University, National Chiao Tung University, National Chung Hsing University, and Tamkang University. The complete text authorization rate is 80 percent, making Airiti the largest repository of traditional Chinese university theses and dissertations. The ETDS is continually updated and maintained.

The integrated services of document submission via ETDS and access/retrieval via CETD are enhanced by Airiti's thesis/dissertation DOI registration service at the time of submission, raising document visibility and value and boosting academic research impact.

Convenient and easy to use

The ETDS features one-stop ease and convenience. Students can use their campus account to directly register thesis/dissertation bibliographic information, upload the document and choose the authorization method, royalty or open access time limit. Library staff can quickly review the formatting of the thesis/dissertation uploaded by a student, boosting operating efficiency and speeding up the graduation process. After registering via an Airiti ETDS account, an individual user can directly submit the manuscript, and enjoy free-of-charge academic dissemination service and royalty payments.

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