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Literature Criticism Online


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The largest curated online collection of literary criticism in the world, this resource brings together 10 acclaimed multidisciplinary series representing a range of modern and historical views on authors and their works across regions, eras and genres. Multiple search and browse options are combined with an engaging format that matches the look and feel of the print originals.

Literature Criticism Online may include any or all of the following titles, allowing libraries to build collections that fit their needs.

- Contemporary Literary Criticism®

- Twentieth-Century Literary Criticism®

- Nineteenth-Century Literature Criticism®

- Literature Criticism from 1400-1800

- Shakespearean Criticism

- Classical and Medieval Literature Criticism

- Poetry Criticism

- Short Story Criticism

- Drama Criticism

- Children's Literature Review


The 10 series available through Literature Criticism Online assemble critical responses through the ages to the works of authors of all sorts - novelists, poets, playwrights, journalists, philosophers, political leaders, scientists, mathematicians and writers from other disciplines - from all time periods and from every region of the world.

Clear, accessible introductory essays followed by carefully selected critical responses allow end-users to engage with a variety of scholarly views and conversations about authors, works and literary topics. Students writing papers or class presentations, instructors preparing their syllabi, or anyone seeking a deeper understanding of literature will find this a highly useful resource.


Introductory essays are written and entries compiled by professional literature researchers and other subject matter experts. Each entry includes a set of previously published reviews, essays and other critical responses from sources that include scholarly books and journals, literary magazines, interviews, letters and diaries, carefully selected to create a representative history and cross-section of critical responses. Literature Criticism Online offers more than 220,000 critical essays from more than 30,000 unique sources.


Each entry features:

- An Introduction explaining the significance of the author, work and topic and reviewing its critical reception across time. Author entries include a brief biography and a discussion and bibliography of major works; entries on individual works include a plot summary and discussion of major themes; topic entries list major authors and works associated with the topic

- A set of full-text critical essays, reviews or other critical responses, fully annotated and selected to provide a representative sampling of the range of critical responses over time

- Suggested sources for further reading

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