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Jedu - Treasures of Jewish Education: Sources and Studies


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Online-Service mit Zugang zu Quellenmaterialien zur Geschichte und Entwicklung der jüdischen Erziehung vom Mittelalter bis zur Moderne. Die Datenbank enthält unveröffentlichte Fragmente und hebräische Handschriften, seltene und vergriffene Bücher, vergriffene hebräische Zeitschriften und Zeitungen, die bis 1914 veröffentlicht wurden. Updates: laufend.

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JEDU-Treasures Project is an educational enterprise devoted to documenting the history of Jewish education. This project provides research information for teachers, students and scholars the world over through the following publication channels:

- Responsa literature, Jewish law, Hebrew lexicography, Jewish ethics, community registers, ethical wills etc.

- The Dov Rappel Bibliography and notes on Jewish text and study books, including more than 1,200 books from 1488 until the end of World War I.

- A comprehensive bibliography (more than 2000 references) dedicated to the history of Jewish education. This material is arranged by country and topic. The breadth and diversity of this material reflects the dynamic changes that have affected organized and private Jewish education from the Middle Ages until the modern era.

JEDU-Treasures presently includes 7 volumes of Mekorot le-toldot ha-Hinukh be-Yisrael [A Source-book of the History of Jewish Education] from the Middle Ages until the Beginning of the 20th Century

- Volumes 1-2: A new edition of Professor Simcha Assaf's "Mekorot le-toldot ha-Hinukh be-Yisrael "; Includes the contents of the 4 original volumes of Assaf's publication, arranged by geo-cultural regions; Edited and annotated by Professor Shmuel Glick.

- Volume 3 - features an essay summarizing research on the history of Jewish education; illustrated maps outlining the primary centers of Jewish scholarship and education in Israel and the diaspora; includes a comprehensive bibliography and cumulative indices.

- Volumes 4-5 - New Sources on the History of Jewish Education in Responsa Literature collated and edited by Professor Shmuel Glick

- Volume 4 - Responsa focusing on education-related topics in the Lands of Islam and in counties in the Ottoman Empire.

- Volume 5 - Responsa focusing on education-related topics in Europe with emphasis on the Austro-Hungarian Empire, Prussia, Germany, the Netherlands and Italy.

- Volume 6 - Responsa focusing on education-related topics from Eastern and Central Europe countries particularly from Poland, Russia, the Ukraine, Romania etc..

- Volume 7 - Education related sources published in rare periodical literature in Israel and the diaspora (19th and 20th centuries).

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