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Lyell Collection


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Online-Service mit Zugang zu den Veröffentlichungen der britischen Geological Society im Volltext. Enthalten sind die kompletten Archive des "Journal of the Geological Society" und des "Quarterly Journal of Engineering Geology and Hydrogeology", die international renommierten "Special Publications" (rund 280 Bände), die "Engineering Geology Special Publications" sowie die "Geological Society Memoir book series" (rund 50 Bände). Insgesamt umfasst der Online-Service über 16.000 peer-reviewed Forschungsbeiträge auf rund 230.000 Seiten. Interne Referenz-Links, Referenzverlinkungen über CrossRef, GeoRef and ISI sowie Volltextlinks zu zentralen geowissenschaftlichen Zeitschriften (u.a. GeoScienceWorld). Berichtszeitraum: 1845 ff. (Journal of the Geological Society), 1967 ff. (Quarterly Journal of Engineering Geology). Updates: laufend. Jährlicher Zuwachs: rund 10.000 Seiten.

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The Geological Society

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To mark its 200th Anniversary in 2007, the Geological Society of London is launching a completely new electronic publishing service. Launched in May 2007, the Society's new online Lyell Collection - whose creation has been made possible by the generosity of our Bicentennial platinum sponsors BP and Shell - features the full content of its wholly owned journals, Special Publications and key book series. This completely new service will be available to the Earth science community worldwide, with the support of Schlumberger.

The Lyell Collection in a nutshell

Features Journal of the Geological Society, Quarterly Journal of Engineering Geology and Hydrogeology, the Geological Society's prestigious Special Publications, and the Engineering Geology Special Publications and Memoir book series:

- 14 000 peer-reviewed articles

- 230 000 pages of Earth science content

- Full-text archives back to 1845

- Selected open-access articles

- Free public access to abstracts and specially created extracts

- Full electronic functionality

- Fully searchable content throughout

- Active reference linking via CrossRef, GeoRef and ISI

- Free full-text linking to many other key Earth science journals, including GeoScienceWorld

- eTOC (electronic Table of Contents) and research alerts available to subscribers and non-subscribers


The Lyell Collection features both Journal of the Geological Society and Quarterly Journal of Engineering Geology and Hydrogeology, each journal title having been captured back to its launch issue.

Journal of the Geological Society has been digitized back to 1845 and some 6000 peer reviewed articles on 100 000 pages are available. Quarterly Journal of Engineering Geology and Hydrogeology is available from its launch year in 1967, and features some 1200 peer-reviewed articles over 15 000 pages.

All new issues will be available online immediately upon publication.

Special Publications

The Geological Society's Special Publications have an outstanding international reputation and will be available online, on a subscription basis, for the first time in the Lyell Collection. Some 280 volumes were available at launch, comprising 6000 peer-reviewed articles over 100 000 pages.

All new volumes will be added to the collection as they are published.

Key book series

Both the Engineering Geology Special Publications and Geological Society Memoirs were available at launch, comprising a further 50 volumes, 1000 articles and chapters and 15 000 pages. These titles are only available to subscribing Fellows of the Society, or libraries subscribing to the Lyell Collection Complete package.

Will more content be added?

Each new journal issue, Special Publication volume or key book title will be added to the Lyell Collection ahead of print publication to ensure the Collection is kept fully relevant and up-to-date. The Geological Society also plans to add further journal and book series as the Lyell Collection develops.

In all, around 10 000 pages of new peer-reviewed Earth science content will be added each year.

How is the content structured?

Geological Society journals and Special Publications comprise illustrated peer-reviewed articles with an introductory abstract and full reference list of cited material. These elements are all captured within the Lyell Collection, with abstracts and key bibliographic information being freely available to the public. Where key book titles are published in chapter format a specially created extract for each chapter is available in place of the abstract.

In addition to published articles, preliminary pages, introductions and covers have been captured for Special Publications and book titles, and historical editorial material captured for the older 20th and 19th century JGS volumes.

References are all actively linked to cited sources allowing easy navigation from one article to another.

How much content is available for free?

The Lyell Collection is not an open-access collection, but the Geological Society has tried to make key elements as accessible as possible. Key online functionality, including article browsing, quick and advanced searching, eToc and research alerts, and GoogleScholar links are all available for free. In addition, all abstracts and chapter extracts, as well as the introductory article of each Special Publication are freely available to the public, as is the first chapter in key book titles.

The full text of all articles cited in subscribed-to content, and articles which are hosted by HighWire Press (including GeoScienceWorld), are also available free to subscribers.

Finally, all articles authored by Charles Lyell, after whom the Collection is named, are available on a fully open-access basis.

Why is the Lyell Collection so named?

The Lyell Collection is named after Charles Lyell, the eminent nineteenth-century geologist whose work included the influential book, Principles of Geology, and the establishment of the Principle of Uniformitarianism. To mark the launch of the Lyell Collection all articles authored by Charles Lyell have been designated open access.

Testimonials to Geological Society publications

The Geological Society of London is a leading publisher of Earth science literature and its journals, Special Publications and books are widely purchased not only in the UK and Europe, but in North America, the Middle East and Far East. Geological Society titles are of outstanding quality and widely praised by individuals and librarians alike.

Subscription options

The Lyell Collection is available to libraries and Fellows of the Geological Society on a subscription basis. Content which is not subscribed to can be accessed on a pay-per-view basis.

Prices include:

- Full electronic access for January to January subscription year.

- Print copy of subscribed-to titles on publication.

- Postage

- End-of-year DVD containing PDFs of subscribed-to titles published during the subscription year.

- "Plus" prices include access to the full published archive as well as current content.

- "Current" prices include access to current plus previous four complete calender years worth of content.

- Lyell Collection Complete includes access to all Lyell Collection content, including the archive.

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