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Pearson's Crystal Structure Database


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Hrsg. v. Pierre Villars und Karin Cenzual


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Faktendatenbank zur Kristallographie mit Informationen zu Kristallstrukturen anorganischer Materialien und Verbindungen. Die aktuelle Ausgabe enthält über 213.000 Datensätze. Updates: jährlich.

Pearson's Crystal Structure Database

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ASM International

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Pearson's Crystal Structure Database for Inorganic Compounds, a crystallographic database published online by ASM International, contains crystal structures for a wide variety of inorganic materials and compounds.

Interpretation of chemical and/or physical properties of chemical compounds is downright impossible without any knowledge of the crystal structure of the compound. It is essential that we have tools for checking the data against the crystallographic rules. The Pearson's Crystal Structure Database is the perfect tool for you. Pearson's Crystal Structure Database, a crystallographic database published by ASM International, contains crystal structures of a large variety of inorganic materials and compounds.

Pearson's Crystal Data contains 213,900 structural data sets including atom coordinates and displacement parameters (when determined) for 126,000 different phases, 15,500 experimental powder diffraction patterns, and 195,000 calculated patterns (interplanar spacings, intensities, Miller indices).


  • Innovative retrieval software developed by Crystal Impact offers a variety of features for easy retrieval of desired information.
  • Features comprehensive coverage of world literature.
  • Fully standardized and comparable crystal structure data.
  • More than 50,000 figure descriptions for cell parameters as a function of temperature, pressure or concentration.
  • Includes Pearson Symbol, Prototype, Wyckoff Sequence classifications.
  • Includes derived data, including interatomic distance, coordination number, atomic environment.
  • Atomic environment type (coordination polyhedron) specified for each atom of the parameter list of each prototype structure.
  • Includes published powder patterns as well as on-the-fly computed powder patterns.
  • Visualization (3D pictures) of crystal structures.
  • Data updated annually

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