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Encyclopedia of Energy Engineering and Technology


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CRC Press / Chapman & Hall - Taylor & Francis


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Energy engineers and technologists have made efficient and cost effective devices for many years which provide the energy services society wants and expects. From air conditioners to waste fuels, energy engineers and technologists continue to make our lives comfortable and affordable using limited resources in efficient and renewable ways.

Over 300 researchers and practitioners, through 190 entries, provide ready access to the basic principles and applications of energy engineering, as well as advanced applications in the technologies of energy production and use. The global supply of energy is increasingly being stressed to provide for an expanding world population. Energy efficiency, energy conservation through energy management, and use of renewable energy sources are three of the major strategies that in the future will help provide the energy and energy services for the world's population and the world's economy.

This unique reference contains state-of-the-art progress on the most important topics in this field of energy engineering and technology. All entries in the encyclopedia have been written by experts in their specialties, and have been reviewed by subject matter authorities. This distinguished group of experts share a wealth of knowledge on topics such as:

- Energy, energy supplies and energy use

- Renewable and alternative energy sources

- Technical, economic and financial analysis of energy systems

- Energy uses in buildings and industry

- Energy efficiency and energy conservation opportunities and projects

- Commissioning, benchmarking, performance contracting, and measurement and verification

- Environmental regulation and public policy for energy supply and use

- Global climate change and carbon control

- Sustainable buildings and green development

- Hybrid electric and hydrogen fueled vehicles and maglev transportation

The Encyclopedia of Energy Engineering and Technology, Three-Volume Set, is a key reference work for professionals in academia, business, industry and government, as well as students at all levels. It should be regularly consulted for basic and advanced information to guide students, scholars, practitioners, the public, and policy makers. Contributions address a wide spectrum of theoretical and applied topics, concepts, methodologies, strategies, and possible solutions.

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