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EcoSal - Escherichia coli and Salmonella


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Hrsg. v. Frederick C. Neidhardt unter Mitwirkung v. Augus Bock, Roy Curtiss III, James B. Kaper, Thomas Nystrom, James M. Slauch und Catherine L. Squires


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American Society for Microbiology (ASM)


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EcoSal has been designed to be the comprehensive, coherent archive of the entire corpus of knowledge on the enteric bacterial cell. Unlike its print-edition predecessors, EcoSal is continually expanded, updated, and revised. The complete EcoSal comprises several hundred modules of information and interpretation with links to cognate sites containing extensive tabular and pictorial presentations, as well as to active databases of primary research information. EcoSal continues to grow and develop. It is the essential resource for E. coli and Salmonella.

The current EcoSal Online includes:

- Extensive linking to PubMed journal database.

- continually updated, expanded, and revised data, datasets, and images

- a robust search engine

- customizable My EcoSal pages

- over 1,000 figures, more than 350 tables, and 3 animations

- access to and PDF delivery of the complete archived 2nd Edition

- easy-to-use print feature for Web edition modules

- links to related databases

Condensed Web Edition Table of Contents

1.0 The Past and the Future

2.0 Molecular Architecture and Composition of Cells

3.0 Metabolism and Metabolic Fluxes

4.0 Synthesis of Polymers and Assembly

5.0 Regulation and Physiology

6.0 Chromosomes, Genomics, and Evolution

7.0 Genetics

8.0 Environmental Ecology and Molecular Pathogenesis

9.0 Biotechnology

10.0 Bioinformatics (coming soon!)

About the Institutional Subscription

This subscription option offers users the ability to browse the Table of Contents, view chapters, execute searches, and create a customizable My EcoSal page that users to retain searches and make "notes to self." The subscription fee is based on the number of users as estimated by the institution, and covers a period of one year.

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