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Encyclopedia of Archaeology


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Umfassendes Nachschlagewerk zur Archäologie und ihren Teilgebieten mit über 200 Überblicksbeiträgen von international anerkannten Fachwissenschaftlern sowie zahlreichen Personen- und Begriffsartikeln. Der Online-Ausgabe liegt die 2007 bei Academic Press erschienene, 3-bändige Printausgabe zugrunde.

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Elsevier Science

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Archaeology is a subject that fascinates us. From Egyptian tombs to a frozen Alpine wayfarer, from cities buried under volcanic ash to stone arrow heads turned up by the plow, archaeology is in the news and in our backyards. It is paradoxical that a subject that so easily captures the imagination is so difficult for the serious layman to access. Superficial media treatments and picture-book atlases and site guides on the one hand, jargon-heavy scholarly books and narrowly focused articles on the other-there are few ways to learn about the real world of archaeology outside the college classroom or the dig site. The Encyclopedia of Archaeology changes this, in making all aspects of archaeology accessible to a broad audience of the general scientific community, educators, students, and avocational archaeologists. Professional archaeologists and anthropologists will also find the encyclopedia a ready source of up-to-date information on specialities outside their own expertise. The Encyclopedia of Archaeology encompass all aspects of archaeology, including the nature and diversity of archaeology as a scientific discipline, the practice of archaeology, archaeology in the everyday world, and the future of the discipline. Featured in the Encyclopedia of Archaeology are articles by leading authors that summarize archaeological knowledge at the beginning the 21st century, highlighting important sites and issues, and tracing the development of prehistoric cultures around the globe. No existing work provides the breadth and depth of coverage as the Encyclopedia of Archaeology


  • A completely new encyclopedia; not a revision or expansion of an earlier publication
  • The first and only reference work to cover all elements of archaeology, from the Artic to Underwater Topics provide coverage of 15 general subject areas, encompassing many specific fields of study.
  • Approximately 200 overview articles, specifically commissioned for this work Distinguished Editorial Board headed by Editor-in-Chief Professor Deborah Pearsall, University of Missouri, along with many other prominent scientists serving as Editorial Advisors Every article is carefully peer-reviewed to ensure accuracy and comprehensiveness
  • Each entry in the Encyclopedia begins with an outline of the article content and a concise definition of the subject of the article
  • Glossary entries explain key terms
  • Further Reading lists appear at the end of each entry
  • Extensive cross-referencing system links related articles


Subject Area Contents: Analysis of Artifacts: Ceramics and Lithics; Analysis of Botanical, Faunal, and Human Remains; Archaeology as a Discipline; Archaeology in the Everyday World; Burials/Cemeteries; Chronology Building; Divisions of Time and History; DNA and Molecular Approaches; Ethics; Explanation in Archaeology; Future of Archaeology; Geographic Overviews of Africa, Asia, Europe, the Pacific, and the Americas; Goals of Archaeology; Historic Roots; Interpreting the Record; Inter-Regional Studies; Interpreting the Record; Law; Major Sites and Problems; Mapping Sites; Methods (Practice of Archaeology); Non-Site Archaeology; Scientific Archaeology; Site Discovery; Spatial Analysis; Special Conditions; The Archaeologist's Laboratory; Traditions and Schools of Thought; Underwater Archaeology

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