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Grain Science Online Library


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American Association of Cereal Chemists (AACC)


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- Grain Science References

- Handbook Series

- References Series

- Textbooks

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AACCI is proud to announce its most comprehensive series of resources ever. This collection of high quality information connects academics and professionals in the grain industry to trusted cereal science references like never before.

The Grain Science Online Library is a new content platform that delivers a large and growing collection of resources, including Cereal Chemistry, Cereal Foods World, and AACCI PRESS online books.

The books include four distinct series, or collections, comprising the following titles:

- The Grain Science Series includes Oats: Chemistry and Technology, Second Edition, Wheat: Chemistry and Technology, Fourth Edition, Rice: Chemistry and Technology, Third Edition.

- The Textbook and #1 Industry Reference category provides instant access to Principles of Cereal Science and Technology, Third Edition.

- The Reference Series includes Breakfast Cereals and How They are Made, Gliadin and Glutenin: The Unique Balance of Wheat Quality, The Science of Gluten-Free Foods and Beverages, Wheat Flour Milling, Second Edition, and Carbohydrate Chemistry for Food Scientists.

- The Ingredient Handbook Series contains: Colorants, Dairy-Based Ingredients, Emulsifiers, Enzymes, Fats & Oils, High-Fiber Ingredients, Hydrocolloids, Starches, Sweeteners Alternative, Sweeteners Nutritive, and Wheat Flour.

While this is the largest collection of online books and journals AACCI has ever offered, it is also the most customizable. Users can create tailored collections of book chapters and articles and manage them with personal profiles. These personal collections can grow or change based on academic or professional needs.

Users can access content across the collection through keyword searches or by simply browsing information and adding articles and chapters as "favorites." They can automatically target their key professional interests through citation tracking and saved keyword searches.

These personalized collections can be carried on any mobile device through a new system called "pairing," which allows users at institutions to pair their device to a subscription from a university or company computer.

The AACCI Grain Science Library has many uses in academic or corporate settings. Just a few include:

- Professors and corporate instructors can assign supplemental reading across any book or journal in the collection at no additional cost to students or trainees.

- Users can share articles or chapters with collaborators via email or social media.

- Academics and professionals conducting literature reviews will save time and energy. One simple search across this massive collection will yield many high-quality results.

Access to the Grain Science Online Library is subscription-based and renewable yearly. Not yet subscribed? Individuals and institutions can subscribe to the entire Grain Science Library collection or any of its categories of publications down to a single book. Chapters may be purchased by download for specific needs. AACCI's Approved Methods of Analysis, 11th Edition Online can also be purchased as part of the collection, although it is not located on the same platform. Savings increase for users as they subscribe to more content. Those who purchase collections will receive access to all NEW content going forward as part of their low yearly subscription cost.

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