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North American Tax Surveys


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Hrsg. v. John Rienstra (IBFD) and George Farrah (BNA)


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IBFD - International Bureau of Fiscal Documentation Publications

North American Tax Surveys

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North American Tax Surveys provides a comprehensive overview of the tax systems in Canada, Mexico and the United States. The tax systems of these countries are reviewed on both the federal levels and the provincial and state levels, and principal international tax rules and tax treaty information are included as well.


  • Authoritative digest of essential information provided by tax experts from Canada, Mexico and the United States.
  • Covers both country key features and country surveys, allowing quick scans and access to survey level quality information.
  • Common layout that lends itself to rapid and accurate access to precise information and enables direct comparisons between and within these countries.
  • Tax rate tables and treaty withholding tables providing fast access to relevant information.
  • Features tax treaty news summaries from IBFD's Tax News Service.
  • Frequent updates to ensure you have the latest information at hand.
  • E-mail notification as soon as new changes are available.
  • Annual subscription provides access for up to 5 users.

Main Contents

Taxation of Companies: corporate income tax; groups of companies; other taxes on income; taxes on payroll; taxes on capital; international aspects; anti-avoidance; VAT/sales taxes.

Taxation of Individuals: personal income tax; other taxes on income; social security contributions; taxes on capital; estate, inheritance and gift taxes; international aspects.

Related information is also provided on all provincial, territorial and state tax systems in Canada, Mexico and the United States.

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