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The Origins of the Islamic State
(Kitab Futuh al-Buldan Online in Arabic and English)


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Hrsg. v. Philip K. Hitti


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Brill Academic Publishers

The Origins of the Islamic State

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The Kitāb Futūḥ al-buldān by Aḥmad b. Yaḥyā al-Balādhurī (fl. 9th century CE) remains one of the most important sources on the early history of the Islamic polity. At the beginning of the 20th century, Frances Cl. Murgotten (d. 1937) and Philipp K. Hitti (d. 1978) produced an English translation of al-Balādhurī's work titled The Origins of the Islamic State. The translation was based on the De Goeje edition of this classic Arabic text, published by Brill in 1866. At the end of 2013, Brill will publish the online versions of both the standard Arabic edition by De Goeje and the authoritative English translation by Murgotten and Hitti. This new online publication will be full-text searchable, both in Arabic and English, allowing the user to switch from the Arabic to the English and vice versa. Balādhurī Online will also include the original glossary (Arabic-Latin) and index from the De Goeje edition.

Balādhurī Online is an indispensable tool for historians of the Middle East and Islam, and can also be used for Arabic language teaching.

Features and Benefits

- Full-text searchable both in English and Arabic

- Includes the original glossary (Arabic-Latin) and index from the De Goeje edition

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