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CAB eBooks / CAB eBooks Archive


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Online-Service mit Zugang zu insgesamt über 900 Titeln des Verlages CABI Publishing der Erscheinungsjahre 2000 ff. insbesondere aus den Bereichen Agrarwissenschaft, Forstwissenschaft, Umweltwissenschaften, Gesundheitswissenschaft, Ernährungswissenschaft, Pflanzenwissenschaften und Freizeit- und Tourismusforschung.

Sämtliche Titel können sowohl in copyrightjahresbezogenen oder fachbereichsbezogenen Paketen als auch durch individuelle Einzeltitelauswahl erworben werden.

Als weiteres Erwerbungsmodell wird Evidence Based Selection (EBS) angeboten. Updates: laufend (CAB eBooks Front File (2014 ff.). Jährlicher Zuwachs: 40-50 Titel.

CAB eBooks / CAB eBooks Archive



Verlag :: Publisher

CABI Publishing

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CABI Packages

  • CAB eBooks Front File 2014 ff.
  • CAB eBooks Archive 2007-2013
  • CAB eBooks Archive 2000-2006

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CABI Choice Collections

  • Choice Annual Collection
  • Choice Reference
  • Choice 100
  • Your Choice Collection

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Evidence Based Selection (EBS)

Preise auf Anfrage / Prices on request

Das Angebot richtet sich nicht an Verbraucher i. S. d. § 13 BGB und Letztverbraucher i. S. d. PAngV.

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Verlagsinformation :: Publisher's information

CAB eBooks provides online access to broad, authoritative knowledge from a leading scientific publisher. Titles are indexed and retrievable as chapters, ensuring that a search of available titles returns the most relevant results.

  • Easy-to-use PDF eBooks
  • Search keywords or browse by subject
  • Discover content written by world experts, chapter by chapter
  • Anytime/anywhere unlimited access
  • Permissive DRM: no limits to concurrent users, downloads, printing, sharing or interlibrary loan.
  • COUNTER4-compliant usage statistics
  • Downloadable MARC records
  • CAB eBooks operates alongside CAB Abstracts – CABI's leading abstracts database – providing rich indexing and search tools
  • Features Plum Analytics – altmetrics highlighting use and citations

CABI Packages

There are three multi-subject packages that contain all CABI eBooks published within a date range, comprising a Front File subscription package and fixed packages for outright purchase.

  • CAB eBooks Front File (2014-present)
    The CAB eBooks Front File is a dynamic subscription product that grows as newly published books are added. There are currently over 170 books in this collection (over 3,000 chapters) (as of November 2018). The front file contains all eBooks published from 2014 onwards, with 40-50 new titles added each year.

    The CAB eBooks Front File is available under CABI's innovative lease-purchase model. Under this model, customers who lease the front file every year are given perpetual access to the content at no extra cost as soon as it becomes available for ownership.

  • CAB eBooks Archive (2007-2013)
    317 titles (6,200 chapters), available for one-off purchase with perpetual ownership.

  • CAB eBooks Archive (2000-2006)
    337 titles (6,300 chapters), available for one-off purchase with perpetual ownership.

CABI Choice Collections

Introducing CABI Choice Collections, for the first time on CAB eBooks. CABI Choice Collections are precision tools for selecting exactly the right CABI book content for your needs.

  • Choice Annual Collection
    Yearly collections are available from 2017 in concise packages of CABI's most recent content.

  • Choice Reference
    CABI Reference works: leading encyclopedias and dictionaries available for site-wide access.

  • Choice 100
    Build a collection of 100 titles from our complete Choice Collections title list for a fixed sum – you choose precisely what titles. Limitless combinations.

  • Your Choice
    Choose any titles from the entire Choice Collections catalogue: no minimum or maximum number, select exactly the eBooks you want!

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