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The International Encyclopedia of Revolution and Protest: 1500 to the Present


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Hrsg. v. Immanuel Ness

Print, Online

Print: 2009, 8 Bände, 3.500 Seiten, gebunden

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Umfassendes Nachschlagewerk zur Geschichte der Protest- und Revolutionsbewegungen vom 16. bis zum 20. Jahrhundert. Behandelt werden die bolivianische Bauernbewegung oder der Taiping-Aufstand in China ebenso wie die von der Aufklärung inspirierten Revolutionen in Europa oder die anti-kolonialen Revolutionskämpfe des Pancho Villa in Mexiko und der Mau-Mau-Bewegung in Kenia. Die mit weiterführenden Literaturhinweisen versehenen Artikel liefern Informationen zu politischen Revolutionen auf lokaler, regionaler, nationaler und internationaler Ebene. Der Online-Ausgabe liegt die 2009 veröffentlichte, 8-bändige Printausgabe, hrsg. v. Immanuel Ness, zugrunde. Updates: jährlich.


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978-1-4051-8464-9 (Print)

978-1-4051-9159-3 (Online)

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This definitive 8-volume reference is a comprehensive print and electronic resource covering the history of protest and revolution over the past 500 years - throughout the modern era of mass movements.

  • Definitive reference work on the role of popular agency in transforming the world in which we live
  • First historical encyclopedia to provide scholars and teachers and students with the information they need to understand the role and significance and origin of protest and revolution from 1500 to the present
  • 8-volume major reference in A-Z format, with entries ranging from 500 to 5000 words
  • Provides clear, concise explanations of events and larger social movements, and biographies of key people
  • Presents major uprisings and protest movements, and the ideas, ideologies and activists that propelled them, chronicles the manner in which they unfolded, traces their roots, goals, tactics, and influence, and evaluates their successes and failures
  • Internationally diverse editorial board and contributors
  • Includes over 150 photographs, figures, and maps

In addition, the online version provides:

  • Regular revisions and new entries - updated once a year
  • Links to comprehensive collection through Blackwell Reference online
  • Links to other resources available on the web
  • Powerful searching, browsing, and cross-referencing capabilities, including Open URL linking

About the Author

Immanuel Ness is Professor of History at Brooklyn College, City University of New York, and the author of numerous works on resistance and social movements from a historical and comparative perspective.His Immigrants, Unions, and the U.S. Labor Market (Temple, 2005) is now in its 5th printing. In 2005, his 4-volume work: Encyclopedia of American Social Movements received an Outstanding Reference Source award from the American Library Association, and the work was selected as best reference for 2005 from Library Journal. He has received awards and acclaim for his other reference works, including Encyclopedia of Third Parties in America. He is editor of the peer-review quarterly journal, Working USA: The Journal of Labor and Society (Blackwell).

Ness has been invited to speak throughout the world and at numerous academic conferences, including the American Political Science Association, and frequently invited to speak on low-wage labor, immigrants, and workers centers at conferences and universities in the US and abroad. He is founder of the Lower East Side Community Labor Organization, recipient of a Council of the City of New York Proclamation in May 2001. He has worked with the State Attorney General's Office on creating the Code of Conduct for the Greengrocery Industry. Focusing on workers, his current research examines global migrant labor in the US. Ness is completing a book Chained Migration: New Corporate Despotism and Worker Resistance.

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