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Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews (WIREs)


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Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews (WIREs) stellen interdisziplinäre ausgerichtete Hybrid-Veröffentlichungen dar, welche in der Kombination von Nachschlagewerk und Fachzeitschrift wissenschaftliche Übersichten zu aktuellen, im Blickpunkt der Öffentlichkeit stehenden Forschungsgebieten bieten. Die Aktualisierung mit neuen wissenschaftlichen Abhandlungen erfolgt monatlich.

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John Wiley & Sons

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- Nanomedicine and Nanobiotechnology

- Computational Statistics

- Systems Biology and Medicine

- Cognitive Science

- Climate Change


- Computational Molecular Science

- Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery

- Developmental Biology

- Membrane Transport and Signaling

- Energy and Environment

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The WIREs publishing model

The WIREs combine the most powerful features of online review journals (high online visibility, immediacy, full abstracting and indexing) with the traditional strengths of the encyclopedic reference model (structure, authority, and comprehensiveness of coverage). A built-in mechanism for updating previously published content further differentiates the WIREs from traditional review journals.

With their deliberate focus on high-impact topics at the interfaces of the traditional research fields, together with a strong emphasis on interdisciplinary outreach at the level of the individual article, the WIREs offer a valuable new forum for cross-disciplinary communication in scientific and scholarly research.

Key features of the WIREs model

- The WIREs publications focus on high-profile research areas at the interfaces of the traditional disciplines.

- Content for each WIREs title is selected, invited, and reviewed by an internationally renowned Editorial Board, ensuring that the highest scientific and presentational standards are maintained.

- Coverage is carefully crafted to provide an encyclopedic coverage of the field.

- New and updated reviews are added every month, ensuring that the most current information in the field is always available.

- Reviews are highly structured and consistently formatted, maximizing the accessibility and utility of the content to the user.

Article types are designed to cater to a variety of end users

- Editorial Commentaries provide an opportunity for WIREs Editors to offer their own syntheses of broad areas of research in a less formal and more flexible style.

- Opinions provide a forum for thought-leaders to offer a more individual perspective.

- Overviews provide a broad and non-technical treatment of important topics suitable for advanced students and for researchers without a strong background in the field.

- Advanced Reviews examine key areas of research in a citation-rich format suitable for researchers and advanced students.

- Focus Articles present specific real-world issues, examples and implementations.

Available Publications

Climate Change

Climate change is a global phenomenon with long-term societal implications, demanding close interaction among physical and life scientists, economists, sociologists, and policy-makers.

Cognitive Science

Cognitive science is the study of how the mind works, addressing cognitive functions such as perception and action, memory and learning, reasoning and problem solving, decision-making and consciousness.

Computational Molecular Science

Computational molecular science integrates theoretical chemistry and physics with efficient computation to calculate the structures, properties, and interactions of molecules.

Computational Statistics

Computational statistics encompasses an array of powerful statistical techniques made possible by advances in computing power.

Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery

The techniques of data mining and knowledge discovery are being applied in many areas of business and government, such as finance, market research, risk analysis, and counterterrorism.

Developmental Biology

Developmental biology is concerned with the fundamental question of how a single cell, the fertilized egg, ultimately produces a complex, fully patterned adult organism.

Membrane Transport and Signaling

Membrane Transport and Signaling

Regulated transport of molecules through cell membranes and the appropriate transmission of extracellular signals by cellular receptors are essential processes for cell survival and cell-cell communication in all organisms.

Nanomedicine and Nanobiotechnology

Nanotechnology is recognized as one of the most important scientific fields of the twenty-first century. Its biomedical applications promise new approaches to the diagnosis and treatment of disease.


Recent advances in RNA science are transforming our understanding of molecular genetics and opening up exciting new therapeutic possibilities.

Systems Biology and Medicine

Systems Biology and Medicine

Systems biology asserts that crucial insights will emerge from the study of organisms as hierarchical systems or networks in which individual biological components interact in many and complex ways.

Energy and Environment

The production of energy, a critical resource for the welfare and prosperity of society, is a complex process that may also cause adverse environmental and societal effects.

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