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Encyclopedia of Quantitative Risk Analysis and Assessment


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Hrsg. v. Edward L. Melnick und Brian S. Everitt


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John Wiley & Sons


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The first publication to offer a modern, comprehensive resource for all disciplines involved in risk analysis, including engineering, medicine, finance, and public or military policy.

This resource draws together the varied intellectual threads pertaining to this research field in the hope that risk analysts in one area can gain from the experience and expertise of those in other disciplines. The statistical theory that underpins risk management is enriched by bringing together the special features of each particular area. Indeed its coverage ranges across risk issues pertinent to life scientists, engineers, policy makers, healthcare professionals, the finance industry, the military and practicing statisticians. Drawing on the expertise of world-renowned authors and editors in the diverse fields of application, the encyclopedia provides up-to-date material on:

- Risk management

- Financial / credit risk

- Computer security

- Reliability - mathematical and statistical methods

- Reliability - Management Science

- Bayesian / decision theory

- Environmental risk

- Clinical risk

- Public health / epidemiology of risk

- toxic substances / chemical risk

- Insurance / actuarial risk

- Homeland security

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