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VetMed Resource


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CABI Publishing

VetMed Resource

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The recently launched VetMed Resource is the most comprehensive tool for veterinarians available. With its specific veterinary focus and access to over 1 million relevant records from the acclaimed CAB Abstracts database, VetMed is the tool of choice when it comes to keeping up-to-date in your practice.

Features of VetMed Resource include:

  • Access to over 1 million relevant records from the acclaimed CAB Abstracts database
  • Coverage of over 3000 veterinary and animal science journals, with records gathered from over 125 countries
  • Access to full text proceedings covering major conferences world-wide
  • Complete access to the animal health and production compendium (disease and drugs databases, and extensive image library)
  • 'In brief and in depth' news articles written on topics of recent interest
  • 'Ask a Human' help features, including custom-built expert searches - for when you just aren't finding what you need.
  • Pre-prepared searches on topics in high-demand - recommended and requested by you.
  • The list goes on. VetMed allows you to access the evidence-based research you need to keep up to date and offer the best clinical service to your clients possible.

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