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The Nixon Years, 1969-1974


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Complete FCO 7 and FCO 82 files from The National Archives, Kew


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Online-Service mit Zugang zu Originaldokumenten zur Präsidentschaftszeit von Richard Nixon (1969-1974) aus dem Bestand der National Archives in Kew ("Foreign and Commonwealth Office" (FCO) Nr. 7 und Nr. 82) im Image- und Volltextformat.
Die Sammlung beinhaltet u.a. hochrangige Analysen zur amerikanischen Regierungspolitik, Ministerial- und Kabinettsberichte über wichtige Themen, Berichte von Treffen zwischen britischen und amerikanischer Regierungs- und Behördenvertretern sowie Vertretern des Commonwealth auf unterschiedlichen Verwaltungsebenen und Unterlagen zu wirtschafts- und sozialpolitischen Themen.
Die Aktenpublikationen stellen nicht nur eine für die britische Diplomatiegeschichte wichtige Ressource dar, sondern bilden auch eine für die Erforschung der politischen Geschichte und der Wirtschafts- und Sozialgeschichte der USA während der Nixon-Administration zentrale Quelle und eröffnen einen speziell britischen Blick auf die Ereignisse.

The Nixon Years, 1969-1974

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Adam Matthew Digital

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These files allow scholars and researchers the opportunity to assess, from a British, European and Commonwealth perspective, Nixon's handling of numerous Cold War crises, his administration's notable achievements, as well as his increasingly controversial activities and unorthodox use of executive powers culminating in Watergate and resignation.

FCO and British Embassy analyses of US policy decisions, White House staff appointments and UN discussions, views on Europe, the deployment of F111 aircraft on US airbases in the UK and Nixon's battles over funding from Congress, visits to the US by both Wilson and Heath, files on the internal situation in the US and domestic reform are core subjects of this digital collection. There are also detailed assessments of all the changes brought about by the Presidential Elections of 1972.

The Nixon Years, 1969-1974, is part of Archives Direct, a cross-searchable multi-product platform, sourced from The National Archives, UK.

Period Covered

  • 1969-1974


  • The Vietnam War and Paris Peace Talks
  • China - Nixon's 1972 visit ended 25 years of isolation between the US and the People's Republic of China and resulted in the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries in 1979
  • The Middle East – massive aid for Israel, reorientation of US policy, developing relations with moderate Arab regimes culminating in Egyptian President Anwar Sadat's expulsion of Soviet advisors in 1972 and Nixon's Middle East tour of 1974
  • The regularization of relations with the Soviet Union, including Annual Summits
  • Anti-Ballistic Missile and Strategic Arms Limitation Treaties
  • The return of Okinawa to Japanese sovereignty
  • Relations with specific countries in Latin America
  • The creation of the Environmental Protection Agency
  • The extension of the Voting Rights Act and liberal action on Civil Rights

Source Archive

  • The National Archives, UK

Material Types

  • Complete FCO 7 and FCO 82 files from The National Archives, UK, for the entire period of the Nixon administration, 1969-1974.


  • Civil rights
  • US-Chinese relations
  • The Middle East
  • Cold War treaties
  • The war on cancer
  • 'New Federalism'
  • British diplomats
  • Politics
  • Social conditions
  • Domestic reforms
  • Trade
  • Culture
  • Environment

Key Features

  • Available within the cross-searchable Archives Direct platform
  • Full-text searchable
  • Map Gallery
  • Pre-populated searches for key people, places and topics

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