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Pediatric Nephrology


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6th Edition

Hrsg. v. E.D. Avner, W.E. Harmon, P. Niaudet und N. Yoshikawa

Online, Print + Online

Print: 2009, 2 Bände, ca. 1.800 Seiten, gebunden

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Springer Nature


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978-3-540-76341-3 (Online)

978-3-540-76344-4 (Print + Online)

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The new edition has included not only complete rewriting and updating of each chapter, but the inclusion of approximately 40% completely new material: Global issues are incorporated into each chapter with an increased focus on diabetes and metabolic syndrome, and all chapters are updated with new genetic information, therapies, and references.

Through 5 editions, Pediatric Nephrology has become the standard reference text for students, trainees, practicing physicians (Pediatricians, Nephrologists, Internists, and Urologists), sub-specialists, and allied health professionals seeking information about Children's Kidney Diseases. It is global in perspective, and reflects the international group of editors, who are well-recognized world's experts in Pediatric Nephrology. In a single text, the development of kidney structure and function is followed by detailed and comprehensive chapters on all childhood kidney diseases. These chapters, grouped by major disease categories, utilize molecular and cellular pathophysiology of disease to provide unique and comprehensive information of the current state of the art on all known childhood kidney diseases. Each chapter makes new genetic information easily explained for the practitioner, and uses many algorithms and diagrams to describe appropriate clinical evaluation of symptoms, differential diagnosis, specific diagnostics, and currently available therapies. The text is not only found in University/Hospital libraries, but on the shelves of sub-specialists, pediatricians, internists, urologists, and extensively in the clinics where it is used during clinical encounters with childhood kidney disease.

About this book:

  • Now in its 6th edition, Pediatric Nephrology has become THE standard medical reference textbook in the field.
  • This standard textbook with its well-structured and reader-friendly text covers all clinically relevant aspects on pediatric congenital and acquired kidney diseases.
  • With up-to-date treatment guidelines based on newest research findings.
  • With extensive clinical algorithms to improve the understanding of kidney disease and to apply the most appropriate treatment.
  • Edited and written by international and renowned experts of the field - with a global perspective.

Written for:

All physicians and health care professionals treating children with kidney disease, such as pediatric and internist nephrologists, pediatricians, pediatric urologists, family practitioners, physicians in training, nurses and dialysis personnel

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