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Business, Economics and Theory Collection


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Sammlung von über 1.700 englischsprachigen Fachzeitschriften und Magazinen zu den Bereichen Wirtschaft und Finanzen. Zeitliche Abdeckung: 1965 ff.

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Gale Cengage

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Researchers will rush to the Business Economics and Theory Collection when they realize they won't have to pan long to find a wealth of relevant information. This online asset prevents users from having to sift through worthless yields from the open Web by offering instant access to 1,700 full-text academic journals and magazines—with a strong emphasis on titles covered in the EconLit bibliographic index.

Powered by InfoTrac, Business Economics and Theory Collection includes over seven million articles, including coverage of Kiplinger Handbooks such as Retire Worry Free, Switching Careers, Making Money in Real Estate, Financing College and more. Researchers will also value the inclusion of exclusive video feeds from highlighting current business news and interviews with CEO's and entrepreneurs.

Business Economics and Theory Collection yields valuable results for researchers who are:

- Starting a business

- Marketing a product

- Developing policy

- Analyzing trends

- Constructing economic models

- Investing for the future

- Researching rates

- And more

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