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Fine Arts and Music Collection


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Sammlung von über 400 englischsprachigen Fachzeitschriften und Magazinen zu den Bereichen Kunst und Musik. Zeitliche Abdeckung: 1965 ff.

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Gale Cengage

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Fine Arts and Music Collection is a powerful online movement leading scholars, students, artists, teachers, historians, filmmakers, art buffs and music lovers to a successful research finale. Powered by InfoTrac, this

database quickly places information from over 5 million articles at the finger tipps of serious students of the arts. More than 150 of the journals in the Fine Arts and Music Collection are covered in the Wilson Art Index and the Répertoire International de Littérature Musicale (RILM) indexes and are available in full-text.

From research prelude to ending, Fine Arts and Music Collection moves fast, providing information on hundreds of arts-related topics from...

- Hip Hop to Handel

- The feminist film movement to machismo in movies

- Elementary music education to advanced music theory

- Art therapy to the new urbanist movement in architecture

- Ballet to belly dancing

- And more

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