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American State Papers, 1789-1838


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American State Papers, 1789-1838 enables students and scholars to easily search and browse every legislative and executive document of the first fourteen U.S. Congresses and more. Part of the America's Historical Government Publications suite of collections, this digital edition is the essential complement to the digital U.S. Congressional Serial Set, 1817-1980. This seminal set of U.S. government publications a rich source of primary material on wide-ranging aspects of early American history. Beyond, American State Papers is cross-searchable with the digital U.S. Congressional Serial Set and all other Readex Archive of Americana collections.

Superior images and bibliographic records

Readex's digital edition of the American State Papers features not only new bibliographic records for every one of its nearly 6,300 publications, but also superior images created by digitizing every page of every publication from the original print volumes issued between 1832 and 1861. By combining extensive indexing from Readex's expert editors with high-quality original images, this edition of this landmark work gives students and scholars the most fruitful and accurate search results possible.

A detailed record of the birth of the nation

The American State Papers, originally republished in the second quarter of the 19th century, is a retrospective collection of largely Congressional, but also Executive, materials originating from 1789 through 1838. Readex's digital American State Papers illuminates key moments in early American history as they occurred and influential decisions as they were made. This collection covers such historical events as Lewis and Clark's Expedition, Burr's Conspiracy and Arrest, the Treaty of the Creek Indians made by Andrew Jackson and much more. American State Papers also includes speeches and messages of Presidents Washington, Adams, Jefferson and Madison. Other documents address battles with the Seminole Indians, the capture of the British Fleet on Lake Champlain, depredations committed by Mounted Riflemen, exploration of the Pacific Ocean, free negroes in North Carolina, land for female academies, protection of the western frontier, trade with China and myriad other fascinating topics.

Quick facts

- American State Papers is an essential complement to the digital U.S. Congressional Serial Set, 1817-1980

- Cross-searchable with the U.S. Congressional Serial Set, 1817-1980 and all other Archive of Americana collections

- Features extensive, expert indexing that helps ensure the most accurate search results

- Illuminates key moments in early American history

- Includes every legislative and executive document of the first 14 U.S. Congresses and more

- Offers new bibliographic records for each of the collection's 6,300 publications

- Provides superior images through digitization of the original print volumes

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