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Lebanon and Syria, 1920-1976 (The Middle East Online Series Three)


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Hrsg. v. Dr. Charles Tripp


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Online-Service mit Zugang zu einer umfangreichen Sammlung von Primärquellen aus den National Archives in Kew, Großbritannien zur politischen Geschichte des Nahen Ostens im 20. Jahrhundert.

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Gale Cengage

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The Middle East Online is an online, full-text searchable documentary collection that provides a major overview of the political history of the Middle East in the 20th century.

Series 3: Lebanon and Syria is the latest series to be released in the unparalleled collection. The documents that make up this important series have been sourced from the British government files on Lebanon and Syria in The National Archives, UK. Lebanon and Syria have occupied the news continuously throughout the 20th and 21st centuries and have been surrounded by of upheaval and unrest. The two countries are deeply united - and divided - by a shared history; both countries were part of the former Ottoman empire until 1914 and both countries were French mandates from 1920 to 1946 (Syria). This collection offers researchers easy access to material that was previously only available in National Archives in Kew. Researchers are presented with a unique opportunity to study documents that are central to an understanding of the key issues that have influenced the history of both Lebanon and Syria.

The Middle East Online, Series 3: Lebanon and Syria is an essential research tool for Middle East studies; War and Conflict studies; Empire, Colonialism and Orientalism studies; International relations; and Christian/Muslim/Jewish studies.


- General Editor: Dr Charles Tripp, School of African & Oriental Studies, University of London

- Around 150,000 pages

- Fully-searchable facsimile documents

- Languages covered: English, French and some Arabic

- Photographs, films, browse lists and a detailed chronology

- Essays with links to related documents and themes

- International selection of leading academic experts from United Kingdom, France, Lebanon, Syria and the United States

- Cross-searchable with the rest of the series such as Arab Israeli Relations, 1917-1970 and Iraq, 1914-1974 and other Thomson Learning Digital Collections.

Topics covered

- San Remo conference (1920) and the French mandate

- Launch of Greater Syria

- Movement to create "Syrian Arab" state including Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Palestine (1944)

- Coup d'etats of 1949-1954

- Foundation of United Arab Republic with Egypt (1958)

- Ba'ath Arab Socialist Party in power (1963)

- Loss of Golan Heights to Israeli (1967 war)

- Invasion of Lebanon (1976)

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