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Emerald Management First


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Successful managers are recognizing the value of quality research and know that actions based on sound evidence beat those based on suspect intuition every time. Verified research can help managers make better decisions - crucial when the annual cost of "wrong" decisions runs at over £800,000 per head! (source: Capgemini's UK "Business Decisiveness" report)

What is Emerald Management First?

Emerald Management First is an online business and management library which places more management tools at your disposal than any other resource. Designed specifically for managers, the site brings you regularly updated articles, case studies, interviews with established management leaders, and more direct to your desktop.

The intuitive design and state-of-the-art features ensure that every user in your organization can quickly find reliable information relevant to their needs. Incorporating the latest technological developments and online trends, Emerald Management First provides high quality, easily-digestible information to help professionals tackle everyday business challenges.

What can I find on the site?

Emerald Management First is structured around nine management subject areas which reflect the most talked about topics in business today:

- Management & Leadership

- Sales & Marketing

- Change Management & Innovation

- Strategy & International Business

- Human Resources & Training

- Knowledge Management

- Health Care Management

- Accounting, Finance & E-Business

- Operations, Logistics & Quality

A subscription to Emerald Management First will provide you with:

- A quality-assured basis for decision-making

- A solution for cutting through the masses of untrustworthy content on the Web

- A solution to "information overload"

- Simple and user-friendly licensing to enable downloads and content-sharing

- Built-in interface with social media tools

- Personalization features to create your "one-stop" business homepage

- Knowledge you can apply with confidence in your own organization.

Your Emerald Management First

Emerald Management First can be fully customizable to suit your organization's individual needs:

- "YouFirst" personal homepage: Combine information in which you are interested with content chosen by you from other websites - providing a "one stop" gateway to the best business material on the Web

- Access the latest or most popular articles via your mobile

- Personalize the site with your company logo, information or banners.

Available for Emerald Management First

The Emerald Management First Collections have been designed to combine the various case studies, interviews and briefings offered by Emerald Management First and the wealth of business information published by Emerald.

A number of different collections are available, allowing users to choose from a package of up to 200 journals or from one of our subject specific bundles:

- Accounting and Finance

- Built Environment

- Business Ethics and Law

- Economics

- Education

- Engineering

- Enterprise and Innovation

- Healthcare / Healthcare Management

- Human Resource Management

- Industry and Public Sector Management

- Information and Knowledge Management

- International Business

- Learning and Development

- Library and Information Studies

- Management Science / Management Studies

- Managing Quality

- Marketing

- Operations and Logistics Management

- Organization Studies

- Performance Management and Measurement

- Strategy

- Tourism and Hospitality

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